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Digital transformation raises the QA bar

Quality is a fundamental commitment to customers and partners.

QA is too central a responsibility to relegate to post-development unit testing. Pyramid’s approach integrates QA with the full development process, from business requirements onward. Quality engineers are contributing members of a single team throughout the product lifecycle.

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This philosophy:

  • promotes continuous feedback to programmers and customers
  • creates traceable links among requirements, test cases, and bugs
  • facilitates DevOps and continuous integration
  • enables concurrent testing of the micro- and nano-services that lie at the heart of contemporary applications
  • identifies the optimal balance of manual, regression, and automated test procedures
  • reduces documentation needs with continuous scrum collaboration and brainstorming

Too much code is not deployable.

In many programming environments—even those that subscribe to an Agile approach—QA is just functional unit testing. But separate QA and programming teams never fully synchronize, and the real-world throughput disappoints. Sprints stop and start as QA struggles to process the latest batch of code, and both performance and security pay the price.

Everyone owns quality.

Although the “shift left” orientation requires a more technical QA skill level, it also ensures greater team productivity and much smoother product deployment. Furthermore, embedding QA in development makes every team member accountable for quality, which builds team cohesion and value. It also drives stakeholders to define requirements and use cases more explicitly.

Pyramid knows quality.

Pyramid has helped numerous companies nurture and transform their Agile processes with respect to quality outcomes. We offer specialized consulting and outsourced QA skills in test-driven development and continuous integration, fully compliant with the Agile model’s best practices.

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