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Engagement is a business battlefront

A positive customer experience can be a game-changer.

While many factors contribute to successful products and services, customer experience is near the top of the list. Every time a major player simplifies a task or goal—buying, exploring, learning, communicating—the bar is raised for its competitors’ user interfaces. And best-in-class consumer offerings are prompting dramatic overhauls of B2B and even internal company applications and sites.

More engagement, better results.

Uninvolved customers can be passive or even actively hostile. But when an online experience engages rather than frustrates customers, the payoff can be substantial:

  • Greater retention, loyalty, and referrals
  • Higher transaction amounts and more repeat business
  • Willingness to provide survey and social media feedback

Engagement’s front door is the user interface.

Usability comprises effectiveness, efficiency, and perceived satisfaction when performing specific tasks within an application—and these elements must be quantified and measured. Pyramid’s CX/UX/UI experts have optimized dozens of exceptional application and website front ends for desktop, mobile, and kiosk platforms.

Case study:

Business Solutions for Linear and Digital Content Platforms

Pyramid was engaged to create an automated scheduling solution that would integrate several legacy systems. The system needed to be able to handle both linear and digital programming as well as interface to third party delivery companies. The existing manual system was labor intensive and did not allow for modeling of alternative schedules to find the optimal revenue model. The new system had to be easy to use, mobile device compatible and web based. In addition, it needed to pull scheduling data from an existing legacy system and feed the created schedules in to a second legacy system.

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Domain expertise speeds UI design.

In working over the years with clients from diverse industries, Pyramid’s architects, developers, and designers have learned that what works in one sector might be less useful in another setting. You can leverage Pyramid’s deep portfolio in:

  • Insurance and banking
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transportation and logistics