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Development & Maintenance

Your application portfolio is showing its age

Products, services, tools, and protocols don’t stand still.

Today’s rapidly evolving computing environment demands a critical assessment that separates current hype from proven enhancements. What remains relevant to user needs? What could be improved? What needs to be developed? And what is due for complete replacement or retirement?

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Innovation isn’t optional.

Enterprise applications now operate in an era of high user expectations, multi-platform functionality, globalization, and furious competitive pressure. Traditional, periodic rollouts are giving way to continuous enhancement, with cloud apps accelerating that trend. Yesterday’s “good-enough” products no longer pass muster, and legacy-based services require either comprehensive integration or replacement. Pyramid’s product engineers are specialists who shine in this environment.

Assess. Define. Prove. Build. Test. Release. Repeat.

Pyramid’s proven development model creates targeted, robust, scalable software solutions that address and overcome strategic chokepoints. This is an iterative and continuous process. When legacy systems are inadequate to support innovative applications, Pyramid will modernize and migrate mission-critical programs to the latest technology platforms in a carefully phased and modular fashion, ensuring minimal user disruption.

Maintenance is more than bug fixes.

Continual change demands ongoing product monitoring and support, not just for software exceptions but also for added features, interface tuning, and fresh analytics. Without this creative approach to maintenance, products age rapidly and lose competitive traction.

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Case study:

Development of a customized application to store, edit and manage business critical data

The client entrusted Pyramid with the task of designing two modules simultaneously: In the first module, Pyramid was asked to develop an application that allowed it to add and edit any hotel information. Allowing its personnel to make a regular data analysis in terms of full service and extended stay options. Further, at the same time also allowing them to do a competitor analysis and enter any reporting pace data for rooms & catering service. In the second module, the client asked Pyramid to develop an application which allowed it to manage user information and registration. The objective of this module was also to manage hotel information, add new hotels and manage existing ones, distribute monthly and yearly goals to users and generate reports for senior management.

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