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Build your Data World to fuel business growth.

Exponential growth in data volume impacts everyone.

Consumers leave a data “exhaust trail” behind every online activity. Billions of IoT sensors pour in information. Machine learning and artificial intelligence programs churn through vast data troves. Companies compile behavioral, financial, and medical information from consumers. And businesses like yours increasingly succeed or fail depending on what they do with this deluge of data.

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It’s mission-critical now.

Effective data acquisition, integration, and interpretation have quickly become essential corporate tasks. For financial institutions, insurers, retailers, healthcare providers, and everyone else who deals with customers, partners, and regulators, a forward-looking data strategy is a board-level issue.

Store. Distribute. Mine. Analyze. Report.

Superior decision-making starts with actionable data. All the information in the world is worthless if you’re unable to translate it into better strategic and tactical decisions. For all their analytical potential, data lakes can become data swamps if poorly structured. Pyramid helps you organize and transform data into accessible, reliable, and meaningful information.

Consulting and Strategy

  • BI Vision, Goals and Objectives
  • BIG Data and Advanced Analytics
  • Current and Future State Gap Analysis
  • Enterprise strategy and Roadmap


  • Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Data Integration and MDM
  • Data warehouse and Analytics
  • Business Intelligence and Visualization

Implementation and Support

  • BIG Data Lifecycle
  • Data Platforms Migration Legacy to Hadoop
  • Data Tools (ETL, BI) Migration
  • Reports and Dashboards Factory

Advanced Analytics

  • Data Lake and Data Hub
  • Self Service BI
  • Prediction Models like Insurance Analytics
  • ML & AI, Cognitive services