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The Key to All Infrastructure Decisions

The licensing of software and applications is a complex and time-consuming process. Often, it can feel like software companies have deliberately designed their licensing rules and models to be as opaque and bewildering as possible.

Hear from Licensing Practice Director, Steve Reynolds, about our approach to navigating complex licensing scenarios and unlocking Microsoft investments.

Advisory Services

Licensing Assessment

Pyramid's License Advisory Practice is led by former corporate managers from companies like Microsoft who are certified licensing advisors. They've had the experience of "owning" licensing contracts -- so, whether facing a "true up" or a new licensing agreement (with Microsoft or any other software vendor), Pyramid understands how challenging the licensing process can be.

Pyramid's Licensing Advisory practice provides licensing reviews and consulting to help clients review, understand, and ultimately identify their best approach to each licensing agreement.

Pyramid's Licensing Assessment can include:

    • Data collection on asset inventory and usage
    • Consulting interview to understand company business goals and technical roadmap
    • Examination of assets by Dev & Test and Production environments
    • Full review of existing Microsoft (or other) licensing agreement (MLS/CPS documents)
    • Review of Microsoft 365 and 200 other vendor contracts' licensing options and roadmap

Optimize your current agreements

Near Term Tuning

Managing historic Software Assurance entitlements and the correct allocation of cores is critical to getting maximum value from your existing agreements. Pyramid Solutions' License Re-set is a near-term assessment designed to keep all product use rights aligned with the actual needs of users and assets.

The Pyramid Re-set utilizes the current MLS, as well as usage data gathered from network scanning tolls, to adjust core and base license allocations, manage proc-to-core transitions, and keep allocated positions in line with updated counts of entitlements. The Re-set can be used annually or in preparation for a new agreement.

Strategic Licensing for the Future

All businesses confront periodic moments of transition, whether via new products, partnerships, or significant structural changes. That could mean data center closures, a major acquisition, or other business changes that may affect the use rights of your software.

Pyramid has created two assessment structures for these vital decision points, when planners must organize around a longer time period. After our assessment, we'll provide a roadmap to align business strategy with infrastructure, leveraging our strong background and partnership with Microsoft.

Licensing Assessment Structures:

Cloud Bridge Plan - 1-2 year lens

    • All Microsoft products and license rights
    • Usage and adoption plans for each product
    • Core right-sizing steps
    • Team based licensing optimization
    • Forward looking backup/high availability and security optimization
    • E5 vs conventional third party licensing

Growth Track Plan - 3 year lens

Cloud bridge plus:

    • Additional software products
    • Forward looking data, app, and productivity (user) requirements


Pyramid is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading tools vendors.

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Microsoft Contract Review

Office 365 Licensing Review


Partner with Pyramid

Do you have the tools that could improve our licensing capabilities? Are you in need of a partner to deliver automated, offshore tools, and consulting-based assessments?

Pyramid is constantly reviewing and seeking better business outcomes for our customers by forming private label and referral partnerships for our assessment capabilities.

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