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The Bedrock of Every Pyramid Consulting Practice

In today's always-on digital economy, IT decision-makers can no longer afford to treat cybersecurity as an afterthought. Cyberattacks aren't limited to any particular industry or company size. It's a pervasive threat that caused 3,800 data breaches in the US in 2019 alone.

Advisory Services

You may be surprised that an estimated 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed directly at small to medium sized businesses. Many of these companies simply do not have the means to properly defend themselves against advanced cyberattacks, making them low-hanging fruit for hackers.

Pyramid Consulting offers a comprehensive security practices to help small business and enterprises alike fortify their information technology.

Our approach covers the entire information security lifecycle:

Identify > Protect > Detect > Respond > Recover

Not sure where to get started? Try Pyramid Consulting's Security Assessment, which covers:

    • Asset inventory and data collection
    • Security process, people, and tools best practice survey
    • Analysis performed based on NIST and CIS Controls Frameworks
    • Network, Infrastructure, Application Manual Penetration Testing (3rd Party)
    • SIEM non-remediated alert review via AI
    • Cloud and infrastructure settings review
    • Active Directory / Office 365 failed logins, darkweb, and malware compromised PCs
    • PC, SharePoint, Email file content review

Information Security Lifecycle

Secure Your Data


The first step to securing your data is identifying assets and gaps in your information infrastructure.

Gain a clear understanding of your systems and assets within the context of cybersecurity through Pyramid Consulting Advisory Services.

We'll analyze your environment and recommend actions such as:

    • Establishing an Asset Management Program to identify physical and software assets within your organization. You cannot properly protect what you don't know exists.
    • Identifying gaps in your approach to information security by assessing your capabilities against respected frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the Center for Information Security (Crosswalks with other standards and regulations are available).
    • Implementing an asset vulnerability management program to ensure the proper identification of known vulnerability management program to ensure the proper identification of known vulnerabilities, and tying this identification to proper response procedures.
    • Developing a Risk Management Strategy to identify your organization risk tolerance and formalize your approach to managing cybersecurity risk.
    • Defining your organization's approach to assessing Supply Chain Risk Management strategies, including priorities, constraints, risk tolerances, and assumptions used to support risk decisions associated with managing your supply chain.


A perfect security organization never has to react to cyberattacks. They've already protected their information against known and unknown threats through digital transformation and Quality Assurance best practices.

Pyramid Consulting can help protect your systems and assets through the implementation of transformational projects. These projects are aimed at supporting your ability to limit or contain the impact of potential cybersecurity events.

    • Network Security
    • Active Directory
    • Microsoft 365
    • Cloud Security
    • Application, Data, QA Security Process, and Technology
    • Security Governance, Training, and Awareness


Monitoring your environment for security threats is tedious work. Your IT leaders could get more, innovative work done if they weren't analyzing data logs of every device in your organization.

Pyramid Consulting helps businesses better prepare themselves to detect cyberthreats by establishing best of breed tools, resources, and strategies in your IT org. Plus, services can scale up and down in the case of a surge in capacity, a temporary reduction in staff, or extraordinary circumstances that require all hands on deck.

Threat Detection Projects:
    • SIEM implementation and reporting
    • Establishing continuous monitoring capabilities to track changes in your environment
    • AD/Microsoft 365 security management
    • Staff augmentation - temporary or long term depending on your needs


Nobody's perfect, and cybercriminals are constantly innovating and discovering chinks in even the strongest armor. When an attack occurs, you need to be ready to respond rapidly and effectively.

Pyramid Consulting helps clients establish a Response Planning process for use during a security incident. This includes the processes that need to be executed during and after an incident, a plan for communicating with key stakeholders, law enforcement, and external parties, and other appropriate "Run Books."

How quickly can your team respond to a cyberattack?


Failing makes us stronger. Just so, your response to a cyberattack should go beyond bringing your systems back online. A security leader goes the next step, identifying and implementing the appropriate actions to improve the resilience of their organization. You need the ability to build 'antibodies' that immunize your business to the virus that brought you down.

Recovery Planning Projects:
    • Implementation of a recovery planning process
    • Staff augmentation to assist with response and recovery activities
    • After-Incident Analysis to quickly address gaps identified during the incident
    • Implementation of process improvements incorporating lessons learned

Managed Services

The scope of work placed on enterprise security teams is often overwhelming. Our clients relish the ability to leverage our experience and capabilities, so that their security team can focus on mission-critical tasks.

Pyramid Consulting Security Managed Services include ongoing management and maintenance of the Information Security Lifecycle. Call on us for burstable resources, red team resourcing, or SIEM alert review offshore. We also provide infrastructure services including Infrastructure and Microsoft 365.


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading security vendors.

Threat Review

Office 365 Security Review

Infrastructure Review

Manual Penetration Testing

Azure Security Services

Security Training

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Practice Director, Information Security, Chief Information Security Officer


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