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Protecting your business in the new world

The frequency and magnitude of data breaches are increasing. Boards of directors and executive management, in addition to IT departments, are more focused on protection of IT systems and data than ever before.

You know the frightening trends:

  • More than 300 million ransomware attacks took place globally in 2020--62% higher than the previous year!
  • 50% or more of incidents come from indirect attacks through a partner organization.
  • Malware, web-based attacks, web-application attacks, phishing, and denial of service attacks continue at high rates.
  • Reputational risk continues to be immense, particularly if end customer data is hacked.

Dealing with these trends can be extremely challenging.  For starters, getting and keeping security professionals is difficult.  There is high-turnover and high salaries.  It’s hard to get and keep talent.  From a user standpoint, you may have great security tools, but if your users open a link in a phishing email, you have big problems.  The hybrid workforce with people working outside and inside the office with a mixture of personal and company devices continues to drive the demise of perimeter-based security.  The scariest issue may be your next cybersecurity breach.  Everyone has them.  Hopefully you can make sure that they don’t happen very frequently, and you can lessen the impact of them.

We believe confidence in cybersecurity and privacy does not come from knowing nothing will happen; it is achieved by knowing all the things that could happen and developing responses that are both proactive and responsive.  We can help you be prepared!

Facets of a diamond

A great information security solution is like a diamond with many facets.  Let’s look at the key facets that Pyramid Consulting recommends.

Managed Services

Fill the security staffing gap and respond to the broadening attack landscape with a combination of people, process, and technology.

We can help you overcome the security staffing gap and high costs with Subject Matter Advisors and virtual CISOs--even if you can't afford full-time people in these roles.  These expert personnel can help you with overall information security or specific areas such as governance, privacy, IDAM, cloud security, etc.

To deal with the expansive attack landscape and the proliferation of tools, we can tap into active threat intelligence sources that proactively discover new cyber threats specific to your organization.  At the same time, we can help you overcome alert overload with our fully-managed AI-based log collection and security analytics services.  Our solution’s AI algorithms are purpose built to cut through the noise and deliver actionable information.  As one IT director reported, “We are no longer looking at millions of records. Now we are looking only at the ones that make sense.”

SASE and Zero Trust as a Service

Move from the old data center and perimeter-based security paradigm to a low latency, lower cost, and more secure SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) environment.  Take advantage of the next-generation convergence of security and network with a Network as a Service solution that can be deployed in hours instead of months (as with MPLS networks).  We can help you secure and maintain the new world of public clouds and mobile devices through a SASE-based Zero Trust Network Security model, based on identity.  With the SASE service, you will be protected up to the application level—thus, minimizing the danger of user device and application malware getting into your private network.

Vulnerability Management

Proactively protect your company from vulnerabilities through our holistic processes and expert personnel.  This holistic approach scrutinizes the people, processes, and technology in your organization to address the growing variety of attacks, including social engineering that targets employees, advanced persistent threats, internal threats, botnets, precision malware and attacks using social media technologies.  Using a seven-step process, we partner with you to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your key systems and data – while balancing the costs and limitations that extensive security controls can put on
your organization.

Digital Identity

Empower your users to connect to sensitive resources while protecting your resources regardless of the location from which they are accessed. Placing identity at the center of a security framework (e.g., zero trust) is the only effective construct upon which to model modern corporate security policies.  At its heart, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a business process issue, not a technology problem.  Accordingly, we can help you by treating IAM from a risk management perspective--understanding your risk appetite and addressing your key business risks.  This scales more effectively than other approaches and ultimately creates more sustainable value for your organization.

We can assist you with the different aspects of digital identity including:

  • Access Management Implementation
  • Digital Identity Managed Services
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

Data Protection and Compliance

Protect your company’s reputation and achieve compliance through our three-pronged, proactive approach: (1) identify and secure your most valuable assets, (2) continuously monitor, and (3) respond in a structured, fast way to any breaches.

We assist organizations in achieving clarity and compliance around privacy risk governance programs, including the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and similar regulations. We help companies understand the impacts of regulatory requirements, assess and remediate processes and technologies, and implement prioritized changes to
achieve and maintain compliance.

Incident Response, Cyber Resilience, and Threat Management

Be prepared to handle security incidents when they happen.  Not only must you deal with the cyber-attack itself, but you must deal with the PR and compliance issues.  Regulators continue to stack new responsibilities on organizations when they experience a breach: detection capabilities, appropriate response plans, forensic investigation processes, and the capability to report. 

Our incident response experts are always ready and on-call to help you plan and manage global incident response.  We believe in proactive responses to security events. We can provide expert help with response execution, forensic analysis, and response plan development.  No matter how much you invest in security, incidents happen. We can help you minimize the impact to your business.

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Customer Story

A major player in the transportation services industry was growing at a healthy rate and with this growth, senior management were concerned that info security concerns were not keeping pace.   Furthermore, with a rash of news stories highlighting compromises of Microsoft 365 via misconfigurations, they asked Pyramid Consulting to conduct a full Information Security Assessment of their existing configuration to develop recommendations for improving their security posture.

Pyramid Consulting’s assessment methodology leveraged the NIST Framework at its core since this framework maps to all other standards and frameworks allowing for an “assess once, map to many” approach.  The solution involved the use of a review and an automated scan to identify technical vulnerabilities and capability gaps.  We then conducted Microsoft 365 log reviews of key personnel to identify subtle indicators of compromise which could escape the automated analysis.

Pyramid Consulting  determined that while technical vulnerabilities were being sufficiently addressed, gaps from a programmatic standpoint still needed to be dealt with.  We then worked with the customer to develop a customized roadmap based upon their plans for growth over the next three to five years.  This ensures that Information Security is “baked in” rather than “bolted on.”

Based on Pyramid Consulting’s strong delivery, ETC later contracted with Pyramid Consulting for a part-time virtual CISO.  Once again, ETC has been very happy with value provided and expanded the vCISO role based on that value add.


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading security vendors.

Threat Review

SASE and Zero Trust

Darknet Investigations

Manual Penetration Testing

Azure Security Services

Security Training

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