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Addressing user productivity and security in the new hybrid workplace

The workplace continues to evolve from primarily office-based to largely home-based to a new normal that integrates both models.  There is certainly value in in-person interaction, but employees now expect flexibility in where and when they work.  They need communication and collaboration tools to help them work closely with their workgroup—present and remote.  And they also expect a work IT experience that is like their consumer IT experience.  You understand your users’ desires and also need to ensure security and constrain costs in this new world.

Meeting these varying needs can be daunting.  Working outside and inside the office with a mixture of personal and company devices makes security a nightmare.  Mixtures of in-person and remote employees make collaboration much more difficult than in all-remote environments.  And of course, employees working at all different hours expect “always-on” support.  Properly supporting users in these new work models using old paradigms can be very expensive or impossible.  Through new cloud-based infrastructure, omni-channel solutions, AI, and human change management, it is possible to increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction while also improving security and reducing costs.  Let us help you do it!

Executing the complex journey

Many elements are needed to enable a high-performing hybrid workplace, and some you may already have in place.  Some of the key aspects that Pyramid Consulting recommends are as follows:

Service Desk and Field Support

Enable employee productivity and cut costs through our next generation service desk and field support.  A combination of omni-channel, AI-based natural language processing, and other steps can reduce costs up to 80 percent--and improve user experience!  And if you need additional agents due to seasonal variations or M&A activity, we can provide them within days –not weeks or months.  With strong SLAs and XLAs, we can help ensure that both IT and users are happy.


Move from the old perimeter-based security paradigm to a Zero Trust Security environment where every user must prove their identity and establish access rights regardless of their location or device.  Without Zero Trust Security, it is difficult and expensive to support a hybrid workplace.  With Zero Trust (including the configuration and maintenance of identity & access management, endpoint and network security that underlie it), you can improve security, support your users, and cut costs.


Take advantage of proper management of change to make Microsoft 365 and Teams much more than a simple UCC platform or replacement for Skype for Business.  With our strong networking infrastructure, proper deployment, user coaching, and environment management, your people can create and coproduce with an integrated, persistent collaboration space.

Endpoint Management

Manage your phones, laptops, tablets or whatever with one user experience and one admin experience.  We take care of configuration, apps, patch management, and compliance of your user devices--all managed from the cloud.  Out of the box Microsoft 365 takes transformation services to get to this desired point.  We help you migrate from your on-premise PC management and mobile device management (MDM). We also provide the expert care and management to make sure that the security, compliance, and other benefits are long-term.

At a price you can afford

Finally, it must work within your budget.  If you had adequate budget, you would have acquired the resources to fix many of these issues today.

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Customer Story – Service Desk

The global pandemic forced transition of in-class to remote instruction in one of the largest public-school systems in the US. The global systems integrator turned to Pyramid Consulting to deliver a rapid service desk solution to meet the department of education’s aggressive timetable to provide impacted student and parents with laptops and technology support.

Pyramid Consulting provided an end-to-end solution to rapidly onboard and train a full team of contact center agents and supervisors to provide support services to students, parents, and teachers.

Pyramid Consulting was able to ramp up to 70 agents within ten days to expedite the remote learning transition.  Best practices plus agent training addressed operational gaps and improved agent productivity and service desk performance, including:

  • 61% improvement in call answer rate
  • Full five-minute reduction in average call handle time (AHT)

Customer Story – Endpoint Management and Unified Communications & Collaboration

A leading healthcare engagement company was operating fully on-premise with an expensive data center, an aging Exchange server, and multiple service providers.

Pyramid Consulting offered to move their productivity services to Microsoft 365, transfer all their data, configure their endpoint devices securely, and make sure their users could be highly productive.  The company bought off on our fixed-price, milestone-based, phased approach.

As the project was deployed, the timing was really good.  It was rolled out right before the pandemic really hit, so users were able to start working from home without missing a beat.

A big benefit for them was that as Pyramid Consulting helped them move administration over to cloud services, they were able to redeploy their IT administrators to focus on business problems rather than IT infrastructure.


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading tools vendors.

Mailbox and Teams Migration Services

Administration, Automation, Auditing, Licensing, Security, and Adoption

Microsoft Product Integrations

Integration with AI-based Natural Language Agent

IT Service Management and Support Automation

IT Service Management and Support Automation

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