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Data is the Backbone for Actionable Insights

Organizations rely heavily on data intelligence today to make well-informed decisions faster, minimize risks, maximize profits, and importantly, acquire and retain new customers. According to studies, a mere 2% increase in customer retention is equivalent to a 10% cost savings. Our solution is one stop shop for your business needs of both batch and real-time analytics listed as below:

    • Data Ingestion on Cloud
    • Data Catalogue
    • Data Quality
    • Data Warehouse
    • Real-time Analytics
    • Data Visualization
    • ML/AI - Predictive Analytics
    • DevOps Integration

Explore how Pyramid Consulting can help you put your data to work - download PDF.

Learn more about a single stack data solution from Pyramid Consulting - download PDF.

Advisory Services

Enterprise data maturity is key for any organization to be competitive in the data-driven world. To reach that goal, it is imperative to build, integrate, and modernize your data analytics applications, tools, and platforms to enable modern workloads from Big Data Lake analytics to Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Pyramid Consulting offers strategic advisory services that evaluate your data analytics landscape and identify the best possible solution to meet and empower better decisions.

Services include:

  • Modern Data Architecture Roadmap
  • Enterprise Data Maturity with DevOps Roadmap
  • Big Data and Graph Analytics Roadmap
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling
  • Cloud Analytics and Migration Strategy
  • Vendor, Platform, and Tool Recommendations

Learn more about  data analytics advisory services from Pyramid Consulting - download PDF.

Transformational Projects

Data Intelligence Transformation Services

Advanced Analytics

Are you able to use your ever-growing data to gain essential insights? Pyramid Consulting's data professionals bring a unique combination of experience and talent to build advanced analytics platforms. The Pyramid Consulting team will evaluate your applications and data landscape to identify the best solution to meet your unique goals.

Our advanced analytics capabilities include:

  • Modern Data Analytics Platform
  • Big Data Lakes / Real Time Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouses / Graph Database
  • Machine Learning Model Development
  • Predictive Model Operationalization

Cloud Analytics

The cloud has quickly become the destination for efficient data engineering. Pyramid Consulting can help you reap the benefits of the cloud with rapid spin up, improved flexibility, and high scalability.

Take care of your entire cloud engineering process - from strategy to development - designing and delivering seamless, safe, and secure analytics with help from the Pyramid Consulting team.

Our cloud analytics services include:

  • Cloud Data Pipelines
  • Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouses
  • Dashboard and Report Migrations
  • On-Premises to Cloud Migrations

Learn more about a data warehouse on cloud solution from Pyramid Consulting - download PDF.

Data Engineering

Data engineering helps enterprises modernize their data landscape to achieve real-time decision support systems. Pyramid Consulting's veteran data professionals execute data ingestions to visualizations quickly and seamlessly, with security always top-of-mind.

Data engineering services include:

  • Modernizing Data Pipelines / Workflows
  • Modernizing Business Intelligence
  • Data Systems Security
  • Modernizing Data Warehouses
  • Platform / Tools Upgrade

DevOps for Data Projects

Enable your enterprise data lifecycle with DevOps maturity to reap benefits of higher efficiency and performance. Pyramid Consulting's DevOps experts help optimize end-to-end data projects.

Data DevOps services consist of:

  • DevOps for Data Lifecycle Projects
  • DevOps for Machine Learning Projects
  • Agile Analytics
  • Vendor and Tool Selection

Learn more about a DevOps solution from Pyramid Consulting - download PDF.

Managed Services for

Data Lifecycle

Data lifecycle management can be overwhelming for any enterprise. Pyramid Consulting can help with ongoing management and maintenance of the complete data lifecycle.

Pyramid Consulting's managed service offerings include:

  • Real-time and Batch ETL Development
  • Data Cleansing and Quality
  • Data Warehouse and Security
  • Cloud Analytics
  • KPIs and Visualizations

Learn more about data lifecycle managed services from Pyramid Consulting - download PDF.


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading data vendors.

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