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Addressing resource shortages and tech debt to fully exploit cloud benefits

You want to take fuller advantage of the cloud but getting from here to there is not easy.  You may be dealing with resource shortages and skills gaps.  Many companies are working to reduce tech debt—with immediate needs having been met in the past, but at the cost of important technology innovations.  And costs in all of their forms are, of course, always an issue.

The journey to the cloud will necessarily involve app and database migrations.  It may also involve operating system upgrades and data center moves or closures.  Of course, you would like to put more resources on technical innovation, but it’s difficult when so many resources are devoted to operations and troubleshooting.  How can you accelerate your journey to the cloud, reduce costs and risks due to tech debt, better manage your existing data center, and innovate in support of your business?

Executing the complex journey

You need both a roadmap and skilled, cost-effective resources to help you along the journey.  And the execution needs to deal with all of the various complexities and gaps in your environment—small or big.  Whether with internal or external resources, your plan will likely need to include the following areas.

Data Center moves and operation support

Free up resources for innovation through offloading data center support.  We can provide temporary data center management as you transition people to the cloud, deal with data center contract expirations, and consolidate or rationalize your data centers. Or we can provide on-going management to provide service-level support while cutting costs.  With auto-discovery implementation accelerators, we can move quickly and help you get the value you need from your data center investment.

Hosting and hybrid cloud managed services

Leverage flexible, a-la-carte services that fill the gaps or cover the full management of hosting and hybrid cloud environments.  We can give your IT personnel more time on value-add initiatives through handling break-fix, patching, monitoring, sysadmin, and config.  We can also assist if you need web services, middleware monitoring, capacity management, performance management, vulnerability scans, pen testing, or database support.  Regardless of your needs, we can quickly provide scarce IT personnel so you can optimize your environment and innovate as you would like.

Software license management and optimization

Maintain compliance, reduce complexity, and lower your costs through optimization of your Microsoft licenses.  The licensing of software and applications is a complex and time-consuming process—and it needs to be optimized continuously, not just once a year or longer. Often, it can feel like software companies have deliberately designed their licensing rules and models to be as opaque and bewildering as possible.

We are a full Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with certified licensing specialists who can provide you specific guidance on how to achieve compliance and major cost savings. We can also provide you with a one bill, one-stop shop.

Migration of applications and databases to the cloud

Take quick advantage of the agility, scalability, continuity, and continuously upgraded cost benefits of the cloud.  We can provide you with fast access to skilled personnel with excellent migration tools to help you move to industry-leading cloud providers like Azure and AWS.  If you need help, we can evaluate your application portfolio and guide you on the best migration model for each application—rehost, replatform, refactor, or rearchitect.  We can also help you if you need to migrate from legacy platforms or unsupported operating systems (like Windows Server 2008).

Data Center and Cloud Services

Pyramid Consulting also supports migration, end-of-service, and consolidation projects, both on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Our transformational cloud projects include:

Lift & Shift (IaaS)

  • Fastest route to the cloud
  • Datacenter closure
  • Acquisition/Divestiture
  • End of Support
  • Quick adoption of availability, scalability, security and compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities built into cloud services that are too costly and time consuming to build into on-premise facilities, systems and applications
  • Right-size cloud VMs based on historical performance metrics


  • Similar to Lift & Shift but involves infrastructure update (but no application changes)
  • Includes operating system, middleware, DBMS, or Commercial Off-The-Shelf software version updates
  • Typically done to move up to s supported software version

Re-architecture/Cloud Native Architecture (Serverless)

  • Build apps faster without managing infrastructure
  • Applications that rely on servers (IaaS) for functions, web apps, logic, message queueing, event triggers, databases, storage, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics can be rewritten and optimized to take advantage of cloud native architecture, often quicker, more efficiently and cost-effectively than the amount of time it would take to migrate


Ensure software & application portability by packaging applications with all of their dependencies, libraries, binaries and configuration files together, abstracting them from the OS and underlying infrastructure

Legacy OS & Apps

Mitigate legacy OS & app End of Service risks by migrating from on-premise to the cloud, and modernizing to more recent supported versions as part of the process. Legacy OS’s & apps can also be migrated and modernized between multi-clouds and hypervisor sources and destinations

Customer Story

A leading healthcare engagement company needed a more dynamic and scalable (up and down) environment for their evolving application development and testing operations. Colocation & support costs were increasing due to struggles keeping up with fast-changing dev and test needs. Time and effort for internal IT resources to maintain and operate the environment were also increasing, taking time away from strategic, higher-priority initiatives.

Pyramid Consulting did a rapid assessment of their current environment to confirm feasibility of migrating to Azure, designed and created the Azure configurations and target environment, and executed the cloud migration.  Following migration, Pyramid Consulting assumed ongoing management and support of the cloud environment.

The new, modernized, secure cloud environment resulted in:

  • 55% reduction in operating “run” costs
  • Reduction in provisioning/deprovisioning times from days/weeks to hours
  • Ability for the company to refocus their own IT resources from time-consuming operations tasks to more strategic, higher-impact IT imperatives


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading tools vendors.

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