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Data is the Lifeblood

Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. It helps us make informed decisions about everything from product design to marketing campaigns. Moreover, the ability to analyze and create insight out of data has a significant impact on the bottom line: according to Gartner, a mere 2% increase in customer retention is equivalent to 10% cost savings.

Explore how Pyramid Solutions can help you put your data to work.

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Advisory Services

Modernizing Data

Data Modernization in the cloud is no simple task. You're often dealing with cleaning and mapping upwards of 20 streams of data, separating transactional data from your data warehouse, and integrating real-time web data with your existing systems. All of this is crucial to deliver accurate information to your organization.

Do you need to move your entire data infrastructure, or just part of it? What about re-working your models for the cloud versus building a graph over your existing models? Will off-the-shelf software do the trick, or do you need custom application development and integration? How can you create separate views and systems for different stakeholders?

Pyramid Solutions can answer these questions with our Advisory Data Assessment and Roadmap. We'll evaluate your applications, data, and cloud infrastructure to identify the best possible solution to meet your unique organizational goals.

Our Data Assessment includes:

Data Analytics

    • Enterprise information maturity
    • Data strategy for Big Data
    • Data strategy for cloud
    • Data integration
    • Analytics and/or business intelligence

DevOps for Data

    • Enterprise DevOps Maturity & Roadmap
    • DevOps Strategy Data & Analytics

Transformational Projects

End-to-End Data Services


Pyramid is proud of the strong partnerships we've built with leading security vendors.

Data Modernization Support

Microsoft tools

Warehousing and Analysis

Big Data and ML

Azure Security Services

Partner with Pyramid

Do you have the tools that could improve our technical assessment capabilities? Are you in need of a partner to deliver automated, offshore tools, and consulting-bases assessments?

Pyramid is constantly reviewing and seeking better business outcomes for our customers by forming private label and referral partnerships for our assessment capabilities.

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