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Transforming your legacy application environment

Your business needs application innovation to compete successfully in the market and manage internal efficiencies.  You want to move to the cloud and take advantage of its scalability, continuity, and cost advantages.  More broadly, you want to modernize applications and drive digital transformation.

At the same time, though, it may be difficult to find the talent to accomplish your digital journey.  Previous applications that you have rehosted to the cloud may be more expensive than you expected.  And you have to spend much of your software budget on the overwhelming costs of legacy application support and operations.  Meeting these varying needs can be daunting.  Let us help you do it!

Application Maintenance and Support

Focus first on lightening the burden of maintaining your legacy applications—individually and as a portfolio.  Unburdening yourself from your legacy application load can free up resources for the application innovation you need.

We can optimize your existing application portfolio by looking across the portfolio to assess technical and business value and to balance that against application risk.  The evaluation can help drive portfolio optimization by determining what applications should be retired, which ones should be replatformed or modernized, and which ones should be retained or evolved.

At the same time, we can use our software maintenance services to free up your IT staff, improve service levels, increase user productivity, and lower costs.  Under your direction, we can provide the corrective, adaptive, preventative, and perfective maintenance to meet your business needs while you invest in innovation.

Application Modernization

Modernize your applications to work with legacy systems of record to gain innovation advantages.  We can use our strong experience in many industries to help you quickly take advantage of new user devices and interfaces together with back-end PaaS/SaaS ecosystems.  We can also help you whether you want to want to move to Azure or AWS.  And we can help you with digital transformation to radically rethink how you use technology and processes to fundamentally change your business.

Custom App Development—Mobile, RPA, Cloud Native

Drive innovation through new application development.  We can help you get your project off the ground, source additional resources for your team, and meet unique requirements to deliver on your goals and timelines. Whether your project is based on low code, mobile devices, RPA, web, .Net, or Java tools and architectures, we have the experience to assist you.  Furthermore, we can give you the ability to staff up and down for larger projects with resources both onsite and in India.  Whether you need to implement new business processes or make your existing processes more efficient, we have the technical expertise to make you successful (and do it on time and within budget).

Building applications that run—better: DevOps

Physical goods companies in the 20th century used industrial automation to transform how they design, build, and deliver products.  In a similar way, companies in today’s world must transform how they build and deliver software.  Moving beyond application development, we can help you in piecing together the best of deployment models.  These increase your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity, reliably, scalability, and with built in security.

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Customer Story

A major money transfer and payment services company with a presence in
19 countries had previously required its customers to come into a brick-and-mortar outlet and work with a human agent to send money to others or pay a bill for someone else.

The company recognized that they needed to open up to mobile and online transactions with appropriate digital security, so they engaged Pyramid Consulting.

As an “app modernization” project, Pyramid Consulting built the web and mobile application interfaces as well as microservices-based middleware.  The middleware acts as a bridge between the open internet and the core services leveraging .Net technologies, incapsula, Kubernetes, and Docker.   The solution was implemented as a resilient, load balanced, geographically distributed system to take on the load of the new client base.  The microservices application wound up with 14 different modules that were deployed in separate containers, all orchestrated by Kubernetes.

Luckily the project was finished about the same time that Covid hit so the timing was great.  End customers are now able to transact online, safely and securely.  It provides savings to existing franchises as service agents no longer need to be involved in transactions.  And most importantly,  it’s allowing the company to grow market share and expand digitally across the U.S. market.


Pyramid Consulting is proud of the strong partnerships built with leading tools vendors.

App Modernization Support

Microsoft Tools

Optimization Tools

Low Code Tools

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