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Focus on your core competencies while Pyramid Consulting manages your IT

Is managing and staffing an optimized, agile IT org one of your core competencies?

Why should it be? You've got business to take care of — the kind your company was designed for. In a tight labor market, where IT talent is difficult to attract and retain, making IT a core competency can be a challenge - or worse: it can distract from your true competitive advantages.

With Pyramid Consulting managed services, you can focus on your core competencies while we offer ours — staffing and optimizing your IT organization.

Learn how Pyramid Consulting can help with managed services.

Meeting Your Goals

Pyramid Consulting works with enterprise and corporate clients every day, providing the expertise and best practices that their business demands from IT. Pyramid Consulting tailors these support services to suit each unique client and uses standardized and proven service delivery frameworks designed to reach your desired outcomes.

Whether you need to "fill the gaps," manage a specific function, or take over your entire IT org, Pyramid Consulting has the tools, talent, and experience to get the job done.


When you need short- or long-term IT skills like cybersecurity, and either don't know how to hire or have trouble attracting the talent, Pyramid Consulting can fill those critical gaps for you.

    • Fill key IT roles
    • Provide critical IT skills
    • Drive improvements and efficiencies

Intermediate Services Models

Looking for a trusted partner to be responsible for a skilled function like Disaster Recovery? Engage Pyramid Consulting to provide support with defined deliverables.

    • Manage a specific function
    • Assign dedicated IT resources
    • Accomplish key deliverables

Fully Managed Service

Our clients most appreciate Pyramid Consulting's fully managed IT services, which enables you to focus on refining business advantages with a partner who scales technologists up and down based on needs of the business.

    • Proven tools and processes
    • SLA-driven quality and execution
    • IT best practices as business enablers
    • Year-over-Year cost efficiencies

Managing Hybrid Cloud:

Server, Storage, Network, & Cloud

The data center is the heartbeat of your IT operation. It supports your compute power, data storage, and network devices while keeping your high-value data available and secure. Successful businesses can only thrive when they have scalable and reliable data center services and the capability to leverage the benefits of the latest technological advancements, like cloud computing.

Pyramid Consulting's data center services bring these advantages to our clients with support for hybrid on-premises, off-premises, and cloud hosting environments. Strategic partnerships with cloud providers enable Pyramid Consulting's clients to realize the benefits of secure cloud hosting while optimizing application workloads on the world's most efficient platforms. Always top-of-mind, data protection and disaster recovery support guides all of our hosting services.

Pyramid Consulting can get in the boat with you, taking on full responsibility for your data center, or to help advise and fill in the gaps for specific areas or skills.

End-User Services

Maximizing the productivity and overall satisfaction of your employees-the end users of IT- is key to fueling business growth and success. In many ways, your workforce productivity reflects your IT competency.

Pyramid Consulting's end-user services are designed to balance maximum productivity with cost-efficiency. The range of services for end-users includes multi-channel, multi-level service desk, and field support, and they're all driven by metrics and service-level-based accountability.

Engage Pyramid Consulting to fill a particular need, transform your IT model, or provide comprehensive end-user support so you can focus on your core competencies. We'll tailor services to best fit your needs.

Security Services

It is not a question of IF, but WHEN a security or compliance incident will impact your organization. How well positioned are you to proactively mitigate the threat or respond quickly to contain and remediate the event?

Pyramid Consulting's security services can help you characterize your IT security posture and build the proactive and reactive capabilities that will safeguard your business. These services span helping clients develop and maintain security policies and procedures, including regulatory-related compliance, to running and managing security operations in conjunction with trusted partners like those listed below.


Pyramid Consulting has forged alliances with many up and coming software companies with proven enterprise experience to bring you best practices, tools, and talent in areas like data analytics, quality assurance, infrastructure optimization, and security. Learn more about this partnership network, and how you can join us on a mission of growth through technology.

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