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Leverage modern ‘right fit’ technologies to empower your customers and agents, customize and wow your policyholder experience, and gain a competitive edge. Modernizing your technology doesn’t have to be a high-risk venture. Pyramid knows practical, low-risk ways to transform your insurance business for the digital age. Here’s how we can help.

Customer and Agent Portals

Twenty-first century policyholders expect more from their insurance company than ever before. They want a clear view of their policies and the ability to make changes on demand, from anywhere, and at any time of day. We can help you meet their expectations with a comprehensive, easy-to-use online portal that utilizes our pre-built framework to get you up and running quickly.

Pyramid Solutions delivers scalable, secure, and customizable insurance portals that enable policyholders to view their policy details, edit their profiles, log service requests, make payments, and initiate claims.

Learn more about our insurance portals in this video.

Portal-as-a-Service for Insurance Carriers

With Pyramid Solution’s unique Insurance Portal-as-a-Service, your portal is built on a tested framework, plus you receive ongoing post production services that keep your digital experience secure and allow you to tailor your portal according to changing needs. This results in reduced costs associated with customization and infrastructure while keeping your customer experience modern and relevant.

Did we mention that our insurance portal framework can cut your time to market in half?

In addition to customer portals, Pyramid Solutions has pre-built frameworks for online policy generation, agent portals for engagement and education, and admin portals that allow closer management of users and service requests.

Insurance Portal Feature Sets

Pyramid Solutions builds portals that fit your unique requirements, and every portal we build is customized with your branding. Whether you need the most robust feature set to keep your customers highly engaged, or if you simply want to start out with the basics, we’ve got you covered.


  • Customized login, policy info, and theme based on carrier needs and branding
  • Integration to carrier’s core system and website


Everything in Bronze, plus:

  • Customization in user profile
  • Detailed policy information
  • Access to policy documents
  • Setup or update autopay
  • Update billing method
  • Carrier-provided payment gateway integration
  • Initiate claim requests
  • Instruction & training videos
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics for conversions, traffic sources, exit percentages, and more
  • Three additional service requests


Everything in Silver, plus:

  • Customization of registration process and data
  • Additional development of four more service requests
  • Chatbot
  • Marketing opportunities like upsell and cross-sell products
  • Calculator and policy benefit illustrator
  • Integration to an existing customer portal if applicable

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A Customer-Driven Approach to Digital Transformation

You don’t have to overhaul your legacy systems to reap the benefits of modernization. Often, an incremental – yet substantive – approach can get carriers where they need to be without any hair-pulling frustration.

Whether you want to improve your customer and agent experiences, streamline claims, simplify billing, bolster risk mitigation capabilities, or boost your marketing, Pyramid Solutions can help. Our approach to digital transformation integrates your business processes with your core system, ensuring customer satisfaction while protecting the bottom line.

Where are you today on your digital transformation journey? Call on us for robust applications, process automation, and quality assurance to bring your business into the future with confidence.

Digital Transformation Services


  • Consulting and cloud migration strategy
  • Device agnostic digital insurance applications including e-signature capabilities and automatic processing
  • Agent and consumer self-servicing capabilities
  • Mobile applications for self-service, upsell/cross-sell, and engagement

Product Lifecycle

  • Product innovation and development
  • Rules-based, flexible product design
  • Product combinations for all carrier products
  • Product dictionary and regulation management
  • Quality assurance across the product lifecycle


  • New business automation to include fraud prevention and applicant authorization
  • Rules-driven underwriting automation including third party data retrieval and analytics
  • Claims automation including third party data retrieval, fraud detection, and rules-based decision making

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Breathe Life into Your Data

You live and breathe data – it’s an insurance carriers most valuable asset – but are you making the most of it?

Creating a 360-degree view of insurance customers is critical to a carrier’s ability to compete in the modern world. That means pulling and integrating data from your core systems, from online engagement, from third parties, from IoT sensors, and more. Plus, you need the data to update in real time for all departments so that underwriters and actuaries see the same information.

Pyramid Solutions has the engineering expertise to help carriers capitalize on the high value data they are constantly collecting by connecting that data across departments, bolstering analysis, and building better reporting capabilities.

Call on us for data analytics


  • Data architecture roadmap
  • Data science
  • Support & training
  • Big data utilization
  • Data governance

Data Management

  • Data stores, data warehousing, and data lakes
  • Data migration
  • Data validation


  • Dashboards
  • Cloud and mobile business intelligence
  • Real-time analytics

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Faster Testing for Quality Insurance

Carriers can’t afford to deliver faulty apps or slow website experiences as you modernize your business.

Too many insurance companies are operating without an effective Quality Assurance strategy. This can lead to issues with packaged software integrations, custom software development, ETL data validation gaps, and under-utilization of your data warehouses.

Pyramid Solutions can help you deliver exhaustively tested applications and get them to market faster. We bring a comprehensive insurance testing suite to the table, reducing the ramp up time for automated tests. Our test case repository can cut the engineering time of bringing an app to market by 40%!

Bring Pyramid Solutions onboard to serve as your QA organization so that you can focus on serving satisfied customers.

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Evolution is incremental. With our tested portals, data specialists, and wealth of experience, you’ll become an industry leader at the pace that best suits your business.

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Evolution is incremental. Pyramid knows practical, low-risk ways to get from here to there.
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