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Mobile application testing consists of numerous tasks where each process has to be carried out in a painstaking manner. Preparing an optimal strategy for mobile application testing is the most important task to complete, closely followed by selecting a suitable testing tool to carry out your strategy. This facilitates minimized human error and slashed average testing duration by a considerable amount. This also helps accelerate your application’s time-to-market as well as increase ROI in the long run.

Considerations in selecting the right mobile app testing tool

There are several options to choose the mobile app testing tool. Every tool boasts of its efficiency and usefulness, but it’s imperative to keep in mind the viability of a tool with your application. It may prove time-consuming to carry out an exhaustive search but it will be beneficial to you in the long run. Here are a few checkpoints to take into consideration before making a choice.

  • Platform agnostic: Analysing your target demographic and the different mobile phones used by them is key. Your tool should support all the platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows on which your application will be deployed. This includes your target operating systems along with all the different versions. This also helps with cross-platform testing.
  • Error logging and reporting functionalities: A quick solution to identify bugs and system crashes would be to track it in real-time. This feature should be available in the tool that you pick. Summarizing and reporting test results is a plus.
  • Supporting integration with bug-tracking systems: As the ideal step to the above-mentioned feature, your testing tool should allow you to transfer the identified issues to a third-party bug-tracking system like Jira.
  • Following Continuous Integration (CI) during testing: With the growing popularity of Agile methodology, it is crucial that the right mobile app testing tool supports continuous testing as and when the code is modified. Rapid feedback reports about the impact of new code allow you to catch defects early in the testing phase.
  • Privacy and security of build: The security of your application must never be compromised by the testing tool. Ensuring the privacy of your code by not sharing with unauthorized people is advised.

Optimal solution for choosing the right testing tool for your mobile application

Taking note of the above-listed considerations brings you one step closer to finding the optimal mobile app testing tool.

  • The appropriate tool will provide an integrated test delivery platform.
  • Native, web, and hybrid are the different categories of mobile apps and your testing tool needs to maneuver these categories and the several test scenarios posed by them, efficiently.
  • To test your mobile application from end-to-end, the right testing tool should be compatible with real devices as well as with emulators and simulators.

Additionally, your choice of the tool needs to be dependent on the allocated budget and the QA team’s expertise. A comprehensive test strategy coupled with the right mobile app testing tool is more than sufficient to handle your next QA project effectively.

We at Pyramid Consulting provide a detailed analysis that is concentrated towards finding an optimal solution for selecting the right mobile app testing tool. Our expertise will highlight any bottlenecks present and suggest innovative strategies to eliminate them. We have a state-of-the-art Mobile CoE support team in place that is well equipped to handle all your testing challenges, guided by our effective QA solutions. Schedule a consultation today.

Carl Johanson

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Carl Johanson

Practice Director, QA & Testing

Carl has been creating custom, forward-focused and effective QA solutions for Pyramid Consulting since 2012. Implementing the latest tech and thought leadership delights Carl just as it does clients. In his personal life, Carl focuses on doing things right and doing the right things—an important distinction—as efficiently as possible. If you need Carl urgently, check out your local drumming scene or the closest beach, otherwise you can find him at home with his beautiful and ever-growing family.

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