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The ability to effectively articulate your opinions is never an easy task. More so, in the case of an entire organization, whose productivity depends upon proper communication. Collaboration and communication are the two pillars on which an efficient workspace depends. Any gap in communication can lead to misunderstandings and prove costly to the organization.

In today’s technology driven world, it is relatively easy to hold open discussions and achieve better employee engagement. One of the best tools in the industry is Microsoft Teams, a chat and collaboration platform, has made it possible to fuel an innovative work culture with easy visibility across the organization.

Here are a few red flags that indicate poor communication among your employees, which is why you need to incorporate Microsoft teams into your workspace right now!

4 signs that are tell-tale symptoms of ineffective communication

  • High Turnover - The most damaging consequence of poor workplace communication is high employee turnover. Retention of employees becomes an uphill task, especially when the problems or opinions of employees are not heard. This leads to low morale and decreased productivity.
  • Irregular Communication- Irregular communication is more harmful than no communication at all. When incorrect information is relayed through different hierarchies of employees, misunderstandings, and lack of clarity increase, which is detrimental to your business.
  • Hunting for Information - The staple of any formal communication at your workspace most likely is email. With challenges such as spamming and phishing that need to be avoided, countless hours are wasted in searching for your important mails. This hampers efficiency as crucial messages can be missed or ignored.
  • Hoarding of resources and information - Leaving some employees out of the loop by mistake, or limiting information to certain teams/individuals, is a serious lack of visibility that one must ensure is taken care of.

Microsoft provides a suitable answer for all such challenges and allows you to communicate like a pro with Teams.

Microsoft Teams, the optimal solution for effective communication

Although other collaborative tools in the market do the job, Microsoft Teams came out as the clear winner due to integration with Microsoft 365. With the complete suite of tools including Word, Excel, SharePoint, and PowerPoint at the disposal of Teams, there is not much that cannot be achieved with Teams!

  • Employee engagement is greatly enhanced with Microsoft Teams due to it providing visibility of the conversations across all teams. You can choose which channel to be a part of, take part in collaborative editing, voice your opinions effectively, thereby massively increasing productivity. This leads to engaging conversations between executives and managers as well as cascading down to the team members and their peers. An employee whose voice is heard is more likely to stay on in the company than one whose opinions are brushed aside.
  • The most talked-about feature of Microsoft Teams is the easy-to-use chat facility. Serving as a much faster alternative to email, the chat option provides a way more responsive and secure platform for messaging. Channel-based conversations can be held, created according to teams/projects/ departments. Consistency of communication is preserved with the help of this chat feature, where on the spot response can be given.
  • Easy collaboration is brought about by including external vendors and clients in the day-to-day conversations related to their projects. This is an incredibly smart feature to have and helps keep everyone in the loop. Simultaneously, hoarding of data is avoided by placing all the required information in a centralized repository with the option to save necessary data within the chat itself as well as modify the access controls.
  • If you need to have face-to-face conversations, the next best alternative to a physical meeting is video conferencing. By integrating with Skype, Microsoft Teams enables voice and video calling from within the application. It is hassle-free and especially useful in the case of a remote & distributed workforce.
  • Another major barrier to communication, accessibility of the application can be tackled with Microsoft teams. It can be accessed from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This way, you can be connected to your workforce on the go.

Office collaboration is an important part of your organization’s success and Pyramid Consulting knows exactly how to leverage the many features of Teams for your benefit.

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Mark Wuerslin

About the author

Mark Wuerslin

Practice Director, Microsoft 365

Mark is responsible for connecting with sales and marketing partners to ensure client success with Microsoft’s productivity suite. A new member to the Pyramid Consulting family, Mark has worked as a Microsoft consultant for over a decade. He gets up early every morning for grueling boot-camp workouts and double-shot espressos so that he can bring his best self to the office, as well as to his family and community. Oh, did we mention he climbed the Matterhorn with his father at the ripe age of 18.

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