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Back then, testers were dependent on the waterfall method to engage application testing, but Agile followed API testing changed the game by eliminating many road-blocks in a testing phase and facilitated design teams, development teams, and database teams to contribute their part in Quality Assurance of the application. Testers then started defining Service and App testing to minimize the investment cost, which in turn helped them to keep the defects rate at a minimum level.

“As businesses are evolving with technological advancements, current testing practices are posing new challenges for API Service testing in Mobile Apps.”

Current Challenges of API Service Testing in Mobile Apps:

  • Maintaining the right balance: Streamlining the testing environment in accordance with Mobile Apps Testing and API Service Testing itself is the biggest challenge.

  • Identifying right mobile app testing tools: When IT organizations use in-house testing, it's confronting to identify the right testing tools and efficient method to execute testing. There is a high level of sophistication required for multi-device compliance.

  • Finding the right balance between Manual and Automated Tests: No doubt automation testing is key to successful regression testing during the development stage, but relying fully on automation requires a high initial investment and it is expensive. Therefore, identifying the areas where you need automation testing and manual testing is crucial. Thus, finding the right balance is key to obtain convincing test results at a minimal budget.

  • Protecting vulnerabilities and code breakage: Due to the insertion of unknown code or code breakage chances of application, vulnerabilities tend to increase. Assessing the condition and applying the suitable inputs accordingly to protect the application requires sound knowledge. And, it's key to use API service testing effectively.

  • Construing use case propagation: Use case considered as a central hub of logic and the gateway to data for interfacing applications, however, they could turn into the near-infinite state at times. In that case, the number of required test cases exceeds the competences of the technical team that is responsible for test case design in API service testing. So understanding the use case propagation is challenging.

Optimal Solution for API Service Testing in Mobile Apps

An optimal solution for API service testing in Mobile apps is an integrated test delivery platform, that encompasses various types of testing techniques such as channels and tool agnostic test automation, layered mobile testing strategy and customer experience and crowd testing methodologies to ease the testing process.

While testing your mobile applications on emulators helps to enhance the App testing effort. Similarly, testing your application on as many devices and versions ensures maximum reliability, which cannot be possible without API service testing. Keeping this symmetry as a reference point and arranging the test environment to enable shake hands technique between mobile app testing and API service testing is a sensible way to streamline the testing environment.

When these two building blocks work (App Testing & API Service Testing) together and relentlessly contribute to testing efforts, minimizing traditional and complex testing practices becomes easier and gives more room to achieve optimal solutions for API service testing in Mobile apps.

If you’re keen to know the optimal solutions for API service testing, then the next step is to know what are the challenges you would face while evaluating the percentage of API service testing in Mobile apps. Read our next blog “Optimal % of API Service Testing in Mobile App” to learn more.

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Carl Johanson

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