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Amid fierce competition, every company attempts to provide flawless user experience to their customers, without even a slight glitch or small bug. Understanding key elements of setting up testing standards could pace up the efforts and maximize the chances of impeccable software product delivery.

software testing standards

Key elements of setting up testing standards

Test Policy

Test Policy is a high-level approach for nomenclature and defining a scope for test documents generated for test management and further classified into White-Box Testing and Black-Box Testing.

    • White-Box Testing- Helps to identify the logical errors with the right software that matches the baseline of the subject.
    • Black-Box Testing- Uses suitable methodologies (Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing) to identify software defects in an organized way.
Test Strategy

Test strategy uncovers the best implementations to perform, the proposed sequence for execution, and utilize your effort for effective testing. It also provides the fine details of prioritized requirements along with customer information. Test strategy illustrates the opportunities that help you to make use of the available resources to detect the worst defects. Consider creating a test strategy during the mid-phase of the design process right after the alignment of requirements.

Testing Plan

It's a project plan that deals with testing tasks and provides well-organized information about the workflow that consists of task details, task initiation, task completion, required resources for the task, and its dependencies. Testing strategy and Testing plan relatively connected and subjected to change as the project evolves. Have a look at our post that describes how traditional test plans are replaced with agile testing activities?

Test Cases

Test cases are created using prioritized requirements and acceptance criteria of the software by understanding clients' considerations on quality dimension and recent assessment conducted on the RISK factor. Test cases ought to be created prior to the initial testing stage and should be implemented with software development concurrently.

Test Data

Test data helps to execute your test cases systematically. It makes use of a set of names, addresses, product details, and other crucial information that the system put forth on. Test data interlinked with test cases and executed parallelly.

Test Environment

The testing environment helps to set dedicated regions on mainframe machines, servers, networks, and PCs that can solely serve for utilizing test effort in the right way; also, it allows you to reset or restart testing as per your convenience.

Report Generation

The post-development process, evaluating the requirements, and give references for the test case, helps to formulate report generation.

Setting testing standards are imperative aspects of the validation process involved in software testing. Regardless of the type of approach, you follow to execute the testing objective in each phase of the development cycle, following the right standards equally pave the importance to achieve the optimum results. The process involves a joint effort of many top-level executives, experts, and professionals around the world to set the testing standards that undergo numerous compromises and through voting to settle on a firm decision. Later the final decision is evaluated by members from twenty countries, considering the inputs shared by experts within IEEE. As a result, the standard denotes all types of software development methodologies, Agile, waterfall, pain points of large and small IT firms involved in testing practices.

How can key elements of setting up testing standards help you overcome testing challenges?

    • Complete testing could be an unrealistic goal, but standardizing your approach with appropriate test combinations and result scenarios would reduce the complexity
    • Understanding the key elements of testing standards helps to capture software defects and speed up the testing process
    • Standardizing the communication channel between development and QA teams helps to sync well with testing efforts and quality guidelines set by the company
    • Simplify outlining geographical and configuration details of the software product in a real-world environment
    • Helps to encapsulate complexity involved in test automation, regression testing and product hierarchy

Most of the time, testing objectives are not prominently articulated, which could open the door of a room full of challenges. Pyramid Consulting helps to tackle such instances with the right solutions.

    • We centralize performance testing into a single function
    • Our centralized function increases productivity and decreases costs, preserving the investment in performance solutions
    • We improve quality and reduce or eliminate performance defects before production
    • Pyramid Consulting’s performance testing and analysis help estimate the hardware configuration required to support the application(s) at “go live” to production operation
    • Our performance QA designers have tuned thousands of systems and know just where to look, saving time to market and money with our proven testing methodology

Pyramid Consulting’s centralized performance testing is the center of excellence that integrates web, mobile, cloud, and legacy applications testing. We run applications through complete performance evaluation, then advise the exact number of users a website can support. We pinpoint potential problem areas and provide a full report detailing with fixes.

What’s your biggest challenge in software testing? Let us know. We'd be happy to provide you the right solution for a hassle-free software testing experience. Contact us for more details.

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