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With Digital Transformation and implementation of Digital technologies, applications are getting more and more complex. There is a constant need to assess the applications for better performance and functionalities. Moreover, there is no scope for any kind of error. Continuous Testing has been adopted by enterprises to run automated tests in the software delivery pipeline to seek instant feedback to cut down the business risks that could occur in the software or application. This broadens the scope of tests from simply validating user stories to evaluating the requirements within the system and meeting the business goals.

Some of key highlights of Continuous Testing are that it provides feedback in real-time and also enables assessment of the business risks that could be associated with the application. If applied effectively, Continuous Testing enables both business and technical managers to take informed decisions related to releases, timelines, and the scope of the project, and helps build quality in the process. With automation, the process gets faster and much more efficient as against the manual mode of testing.

Quality Assurance is essential for 2 important reasons – delivering the expected results as per the business needs, and delivering it with zero bugs.

Why adoption of Continuous Testing does makes sense

With the ever-growing popularity of business ecommerce and m-commerce platforms, it is indispensable for every brand and business to go LIVE with a compelling and secure platform. Continuous Testing ensures that the Application Under Test (AUT) is assessed and tested at every stage. It involves Unit Tests, API Testing, System testing, and Integration testing, where the objective is to determine whether or not the application offers the expected experience. It further boosts productivity by implementing the much-needed automation tools.

Continuous Testing deepens the focus on delivering higher quality to the end user. The market is flooded with automation tools that enable the application building process and help meet the end objective of the project. In the application development process, the developers tend to stretch the boundaries to ensure the desired performance, where the basic objectives of Continuous Testing are – faultless delivery, accelerated feedback mechanism, faster turnaround, assured quality, and a holistic perspective of the application/product.

It further enables an organization to cut down the testing efforts and bring down the business risks that the application under test can entail. It can be absolutely empowering, considering it helps sustain quality, and assures profitability of the product in the marketplace.

Continuous Testing means Continuous Quality
Continuous Quality implies that quality is maintained and assessed at every stage in the SDLC process – beginning with design, creating the architecture, and ensuring it through all the phases. This enables faster time-to-market, as well as better communication and feedback, the teams are able to resolve the issues in a better way. In this way, they don’t have to wait till the end of the development process to get a feedback and rectify the issue.

Constant Testing further enables effective testing, quality process, frequent releases, and brings down the risks in the post-production phase. For instance, in the Mobile Application Testing segment there is a requirement to release high quality mobile applications across multiple development platforms. This means that the process has to be Agile and there has to be a transparent communication flow across various teams for efficient delivery.

With Continuous Testing, the functional aspects of the applications are assessed, where performance, usability, and security are checked. It becomes imperative to include the quality aspects within each activity and give consistent feedback to the development folks to develop a bug-free application.

The tests are mainly user-oriented or enterprise-oriented, where checks related to performance and user experience are done. Moreover, it is very much important to perform checks across devices and development platforms/Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, iOS devices, smartphones, and tablets. Specifically, it is important to ensure compatibility of the applications and ensure enhances user experience.

Conclusion – Continuous Testing ensures a quality product for consumers

There is a massive surge in the number of applications being launched mainly by start-ups across various domains. Whether it’s a device, product, or service, it is important to reach and offer the right experience to consumers. Continuous Testing with Test Automation makes this possible by constantly monitoring the performance and functional aspects of the application. In a way, ensuring better client acquisition and profitability for the business in the marketplace. This makes enterprises enter the challenging market scenario with utmost confidence and surety that their application is resilient against any probable cyber risks.

Software testing and validation is a critical path best practice that can make or break your competitive advantage. That said, you should not leave it to software designers, coders, or in-house SWAT teams to ensure the quality of your IT solutions.

Pyramid Consulting brings the tools, processes, and offers deep expertise, best practices, and end-to-end development cycle discipline that can significantly reduce your risk and ensure that your software meets all functional requirements and user demands so that you can focus on developing great software.

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Carl Johanson

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