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As the holidays approach, it’s time for everyone to give thanks for the tools, industry trends, and miscellaneous items that keep us all sane, and busy, during work hours. Below are some of our top picks that the Pyramid Consulting team is thankful for:

  1. Phones not exploding anymore. We all know Samsung got a lot of heat (pun intended) when it came to the functionality of their Galaxy Note 7. We’re just glad that we don’t have to worry about our mobiles catching on fire anymore!
  2. Every year, we are thankful for pizza and coffee. What else makes the world go around?
  3. Not being run over by a driver using a mobile device. Although, this could still happen. Never text and drive!
  4. Wearables that remind us of what an unhealthy lifestyle we lead. Wearables are now more advanced than ever. These devices monitor so much more than heart rate and distance traveled, but your blood pressure, sugar levels, volume of quality sleep, amount of sitting at a desk, etc. You can even enter what you ate and when. And, all of this information is being relayed back to your healthcare provider to provide you with truly personal care.
  5. WhatsApp introducing the delete feature; therefore, allowing us to sustain our relationships. This year, WhatsApp (an internet-based mobile chat/call app) introduced an option to delete a message that a user has already sent. So, if you have sent a picture or message and by mistake…you can now delete it. Not just from your phone, but from the receiver’s phone.
  6. We are thankful to everyone who adopted home automation so that the future can fix all the issuesHome automation started with a bang. Although it began with remote monitoring cameras, it has now evolved into remote controllable switches and locks. Quite a few companies came out with locks primarily meant for the front door; however, it was found that these were very insecure. The business had a chicken and egg problem. Unless users buy, the companies were not willing to invest more into R&D. And, with compromised security, no one was willing to buy. There were a lot of brave investors/consumers who took the chance and now these devices are moving into a very secure future. They are being used heavily by insurance companies, real estate agents, home cleaning agents, and even Amazon Key.
  7. Amazon Prime Air despite FAA. Soon enough people can buy “STUFF” they don’t need, with money they don’t have (via credit cards), to impress other people they don’t like…in 30 mins. Amazon Prime Air is a service that use drones to drop purchased goods at your doorstep. An Amazon Drone would be launched from the closest warehouse to deliver the product to your address. They have developed very advanced unmanned drones that can find its target on its own without a pilot. Amazon is investing into warehouses and air stations across the country. However, the FAA has not given the permit to allow unmanned drones in the US. Hence, Amazon has taken this over the border to Canada, and the FAA is still reviewing its policies.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the team at Pyramid Consulting!

Ramesh Maturu

About the author

Ramesh Maturu

Co-founder and President

Ramesh is a family man and global jetsetter with a passion for software solutions and customer satisfaction. Responsible for managing the success of the Enterprise Solutions unit, Ramesh leads teams from Sales, Marketing, and Practice & Delivery to ensure Pyramid Consulting’s clients receive the highest quality consulting experience possible. Ramesh got his start in the document processing industry, working as a software developer, and later as a consultant for financial institutions. He boasts a unique breadth and depth of experience in electronics and communications engineering, and is proud of Pyramid Consulting’s reputation as an industry leader in Information Technology consulting.

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