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Cloud Computing is one of the hottest buzzwords over the last few years but some may not be aware that it’s been in the industry for quite some time.  So many businesses are moving to the cloud, because cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow, and offers many more benefits. With the increasing use of cloud based systems and complex applications which are hosted in the cloud, there is a need to test them for different aspects such as performance, security, compatibility etc.

Cloud-based test environments can be built and used for testing purposes as needed. Below are some aspects of cloud testing that help organizations offer high-quality services to their customers:

  • Stress, Performance and Load testing of applications hosted in the cloud by generating loads as necessary leveraging the cloud environment
  • Security testing of an application hosted in the cloud to know if the security framework provided is accurate or not
  • Integration testing of applications which are hosted in various clouds
  • Compatibility testing of applications hosted in the cloud by creating instances of different operating systems utilizing the cloud environment
  • Geographical testing can be easily simulated using the cloud infrastructure

Cloud Automaton Testing

A significant portion of testing budgets in recent times have gone to innovative testing practices which aim to bring down testing costs considerably in the long run. Cloud based software testing automation is definitely a step in this direction. The reasons are quite obvious but just for the record, cloud based software test automation offers the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Benefits of virtualization
  • More collaboration
  • Quicker testing
  • Reduced IT management effort

Some of the tools which provide cloud testing are:

  • SoapUI
  • CloudTest
  • SOASTA CloudTest
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Xamarin test cloud
  • TestMaker

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