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Although your company may offer essentially the same products or services as a competitor, the two companies could be wholly dissimilar.

Even if you’ve been in the same industry for decades, if you’ve changed jobs more than once you know what I’m referring to. A few of those differentiators might be company culture, management style, customer service and opportunities for advancement. These things and many others shape how employees and customers feel about a company.

Think about automated QA testing like you would your competitors – while there certainly are similarities, there are also many, many differences. One automated QA testing scenario at Company A may be flawless while the same test at Company B – even in the same industry – could be disastrous. The differences may be in the development process used, testing tools, testing platform and personnel involved.

The point is that automated QA testing can at the same time be very broad and very specific, and that one size does not fit all. While all industries differ, the financial services, healthcare and insurance industries have unique requirements because of regulatory, privacy and security issues. Pyramid Consulting has specific experience in these industries and can help craft a testing roadmap and perform automated QA testing that fits with the unique circumstances within your organization.

Protecting Critical Data in Financial Services

Even within the financial services industry, the breadth of products varies widely, from traditional banking websites to credit card data, loans and mortgages, financial trading and much more. Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley , as well as industry-specific regulations is of critical importance across the board. Performing stringent security testing is needed to not only maintain regulatory compliance and data integrity but also to validate users and their permissions based on job role.

Automated QA testing can help financial service industries thoroughly scrutinize their sensitive systems, validate user permissions and maintain regulatory compliance more efficiently with greater coverage.

Maintaining Data Privacy Standards in Healthcare

Healthcare companies face such standards as FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, as well as clinical coding and EDI standards. Incorporating healthcare standards validation into testing can speed the audit process.

Data privacy and security are primary concerns, especially for companies that hold and access information about health insurance coverages, claims data, healthcare savings accounts or facilitate electronic funds transfer. In addition to validating healthcare standards, coverages and workflows, all facets of the system should be tested, including applications that reside in the cloud.

Automated QA testing from a provider with specific experience in this industry can give healthcare companies confidence knowing that their systems are compliant and secure.

Validating Throughout the Insurance Policy Lifecycle

ACORD standards help companies in the insurance industry be more efficient by facilitating data exchange with fewer errors, both internally and with an increasing number of external users, including customer interactions. Look for a provider that understands testing as it relates to integration, web service APIs and event-based messaging.

Security is another crucial issue, in terms of validating who has access to specific information based on job role as well as to consumer access to self-service tools. As customers become more accustomed to checking eligibility, claims and shopping for insurance themselves, performance testing can help ensure your users have a timely and positive experience with your website and apps.

In short, automated QA testing can help throughout the lifecycle of a policy, from application and underwriting to administration, renewals and self-service tools that customers increasingly are relying upon.

Just like all companies – and all people, for that matter – are different, your automated QA testing solution should be a custom fit for your organization, your software and your industry.

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Carl Johanson

About the author

Carl Johanson

Practice Director, QA & Testing

Carl has been creating custom, forward-focused and effective QA solutions for Pyramid Consulting since 2012. Implementing the latest tech and thought leadership delights Carl just as it does clients. In his personal life, Carl focuses on doing things right and doing the right things—an important distinction—as efficiently as possible. If you need Carl urgently, check out your local drumming scene or the closest beach, otherwise you can find him at home with his beautiful and ever-growing family.

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