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As Valentine’s Day draws near, our minds turn to … Sweethearts candy, which you probably know better as Conversation Hearts.

You might be 30 or you might be 80, and you will remember the sweet treats, known as much for the sayings imprinted on the colorful candy hearts as for the many flavors. A box of Sweethearts still is prized during elementary school Valentine’s card exchanges.

Although you can find many knockoff products, the candies were pioneered by Necco, a company that’s been in the Boston area since 1847. According to the History of Sweets on the Necco website, the company cranks out 100,000 pounds of the candy each day, nearly year-round. That’s a lot of sweets … and a lot of conversations.

Many of us at Pyramid Consulting still pick up a box or two during the season of love as a reminder of simpler times—and to see what sayings are on this year’s candies. “Be Mine” is a perennial favorite, but “Fax Me” has been relegated to the dustbin of history.

If Pyramid Consulting came up with its own Sweethearts candy (marketing idea, anyone?), the candies likely would say, “We Break Bottlenecks.” Or, because the imprint area is so small, “We Brk Botlneks.” Either way, you get the point.

Other candies in the Pyramid Consulting box would say “right size,” “right problems” and “right tools,” to emphasize how we can help companies.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Rarely does one size fit all, and Pyramid is no different. We work mainly with smaller to midmarket companies that are best positioned to leverage our insights into technology and our scalable workforce. We find many larger companies are self-sufficient or want a different type of consultation. However, we often provide services to divisions of large companies where they are not getting the attention they desire for individual projects or longer term engagements.

We also don’t try to be all things to all companies. Your company likely offers specific products or services to select industry verticals; likewise, Pyramid Consulting focuses on specific industry and technology challenges. We concentrate on enterprise engineering, development, and testing—particularly in support of end-to-end integration and development. We also extend the life of legacy systems that support your enterprises. We can help you with cutting-edge, whiz-bang projects, as well as the mundane, yet critical tasks associated with keeping your IT systems running productively.

Didn’t your daddy tell you about having the right tools to get the job done right? That’s the final reason you should have a conversation with Pyramid Consulting. We reduce client project risk and deliver predictably robust solutions, because we’ve already invested in creating software frameworks, accelerators and component libraries that we can use on your projects.

You have a lot of money invested in your IT systems and likely are concerned about extending these systems to their fullest capacity. We’ve worked with many of these technologies for a long time and know how to wring maximum value out of them.

Our clients are clients for life. Our retention rate remains in the high 90s, and people we work with at client companies often bring us along when they change jobs.

So if you’d like to start a conversation about your IT projects, we’re listening. But just don’t fax us—because that’s so last century.

Randall McCroskey

About the author

Randall McCroskey

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Since 2006, Randall has been helping technology executives digitally transform their business as Vice President of Pyramid Consulting. Relationships are his daily driving force and his desire to trust and serve those in his professional and personal life constantly motivate him. Atlanta is a great city for Randall, as he hates the cold and prefers warm weather near the water. His greatest pride is the partnerships with colleagues, friends, and fellow professionals he has made along the way.

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