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Although we find every industry segment interesting from a quality assurance (QA) testing standpoint, the insurance industry stands out for the dynamic transformation it has undergone in the electronic age.

Not too long ago, your insurance agent came by your house to collect premiums and touch base, and health insurance was likely the sole policy offered by your employer. Contrast those scenarios with today’s norms, such as self-service web and mobile tools where potential customers can shop policies and policyholders can pay premiums, file claims, view their policies and much more. Have you ever looked for a physician online, using your insurance plan’s in-network provider list as a starting point?

These few examples show the number of ways the insurance industry has grown, maximizing new revenue and service opportunities as they are identified. Reflecting these new trends, QA testing has had to adapt for this industry.

In addition to functional and performance testing, companies in the insurance field can benefit from automation, cloud and mobile testing.

  1. Functional testing is critical to maintaining quality software, which is more important than ever because of end-user expectations and demands. Developing and implementing a functional testing protocol can shorten the development process while finding most errors before your end-users do. Insurance companies spend a lot of their energies managing risk. Functional testing helps insurance companies manage the potential risk of their internal and customer-facing applications.
  1. Not only do applications have to work, they also have to work quickly, which underscores the importance of performance testing. The most relevant, dynamic website in the world will be abandoned by a majority of users if a page doesn’t completely load in five seconds or so, depending on your source. Performance testing has the unique ability to affect business revenue, credibility of your organization and the satisfaction of your customers, so this is definitely a bottleneck insurance firms want to avoid.
  1. The complex nature of most products and services in the insurance industry make the segment a perfect candidate for automation testing Other challenges that companies face include time-to-market pressures, short cycle times and a drain on resources. Developing modular testing solutions in a cohesive framework allows companies to leverage these better-tested solutions to create a competitive advantage.
  1. Businesses increasingly are going to the cloud, so it makes perfect sense that cloud testing solutions follow. Cloud testing has become necessary to validate functional system and business requirements, so testing in the cloud should be viewed as a strategic initiative rather than tactical objective. The type of cloud testing depends on your cloud environment, but common types include performance and load testing to private, community, public and hybrid cloud models.
  1. The key for insurance companies is to engage their users where they are, using the methods users prefer, which makes mobile testing especially critical. Companies involved with mobile testing must deal with a number of difficult challenges, including the wide variety of devices – each with different screen shapes and processing speeds – the constant evolution of those devices, componentry, OS updates and optimizations, telecom protocols and more.

Insurance companies today must adapt to an increasingly consumer-driven marketplace where seamless access, responsive platforms and adaptive modularity are in critical demand. By offering a full range of QA testing services, Pyramid Consulting can help companies grow existing market share and access new markets with confidence, knowing that their software applications are compliant and have been tested to withstand the rigors of use.

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Carl Johanson

About the author

Carl Johanson

Practice Director, QA & Testing

Carl has been creating custom, forward-focused and effective QA solutions for Pyramid Consulting since 2012. Implementing the latest tech and thought leadership delights Carl just as it does clients. In his personal life, Carl focuses on doing things right and doing the right things—an important distinction—as efficiently as possible. If you need Carl urgently, check out your local drumming scene or the closest beach, otherwise you can find him at home with his beautiful and ever-growing family.

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