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When was the last time you lost your mojo? It happens to every one of us from time to time. One minute you’re cranking out work, hitting your deadlines and exceeding your objectives. In your organization, you are the recognized rock star, the key player that everyone wants on their team.

But the next minute, you find yourself floundering. It could be a temporary loss of concentration or something amiss at home. Maybe you’ve overcooked your brain and need a much-deserved vacation. How do get back on top of your game?

In this respect, IT departments are like people. The IT department has a reputation within the organization, just like you do. Is the department a rock star, delivering robust apps, infrastructure and support at all times? Or has it lost a bit of its luster, becoming overwhelmed with projects and not knowing where to start to dig out?

Helping our clients get past bottlenecks is another way to say we can help an IT department get its mojo back. Our expertise in enterprise solutions, product development, QA and mobile can help an IT department get on track and stay on track.

The folks at Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company (FGL) were nice enough to participate in a recent case study that shows how we can help restore confidence in the IT department and help them deliver strategic solutions to the enterprise. In addition to helping restore confidence in the IT department, FGL saved 50% in costs by using a blended offshore/onshore project model.

You can read the full case study here, but let me point out the highlights. The IT department had not delivered any strategic IT solutions to the company in three years. What’s more, several efforts to deliver projects had failed. That’s a serious loss of mojo, so it’s not surprising to discover that the company had lost faith in the IT organization and that department employees were feeling low.

The challenges FGL faced included developing an accurate, actionable road map of projects and putting the right people and resources in place to deliver on projects going forward. For FGL, the right mix of people and resources resulted in an onshoring/offshoring model that increased the number of software developers and QA testers from 10 to 25 while reducing IT project costs by 50%.

During the first year of our engagement with FGL, the company successfully delivered six projects, including a mission-critical Agent Portal that has gained widespread use and achieved ROI in just four months. By adopting an agile approach and breaking projects down into manageable chunks that were evident to managers, the FGL IT department was able to get back on track, deliver key projects and regain lost mojo.

I must stress that like every person, every IT organization is different. The formula that’s working so well at Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company likely won’t be the magic fix to any bottlenecks your organization is facing.

Likewise, every client engagement is different. We don’t come in brimming with answers. Rather, we approach each engagement with an open mind and detailed questions that start a healthy dialog. These initial discussions determine a department’s current state, its ideal state and how we can help break any bottlenecks that exist.

So has your IT organization lost a bit of its momentum, a bit of its mojo? We are ready to assist in any way possible.

To find out more about how Pyramid Consulting helped Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company get its mojo back, read this case study.

Randall McCroskey

About the author

Randall McCroskey

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Since 2006, Randall has been helping technology executives digitally transform their business as Vice President of Pyramid Consulting. Relationships are his daily driving force and his desire to trust and serve those in his professional and personal life constantly motivate him. Atlanta is a great city for Randall, as he hates the cold and prefers warm weather near the water. His greatest pride is the partnerships with colleagues, friends, and fellow professionals he has made along the way.

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