Assessing Your Digital Strategy with Pyramid Solutions

Are you on the right trajectory?

Do you have a clear idea of what your business will look like five, or even ten years down the road? How can you be sure that your people, processes, and systems are structured to maintain your competitive edge and optimize your technology so your costs don’t get out of control?

Pyramid Solutions can assess your current business model and systems, identify solutions to break bottlenecks and streamline processes, and develop a clear roadmap that will keep you on the path to excellence.

Make Cloud work in your hybrid environment

One of the most challenging transformations business are undertaking is the migration to the cloud. Many of our clients know they need to migrate, but are concerned about security or quality control as they integrate systems. Some have specific reservations, like being nervous about moving their applications over because their DevOps capabilities aren’t where they need to be; others simply don’t know where to start.

The point of moving to the cloud is to create competitive advantages that are built to last. Cloud migration is a complex, multi-variable journey. Leverage a partner who knows what it takes to make the move, and—more importantly—how to optimize your systems after the move to run smoothly and predictably for years to come.


Answer the question that every CTO and CIO is asking…Can I reduce the number of partners and deliver the technology innovation our business demands in a secure and cost-effective manner? Pyramid can help you answer that questions with our Technology Assessments.

Start with a Technology Assessment

To get you started on your transformation, we offer a comprehensive technology assessment. We’ll focus on your Security & Cloud Readiness or QA Automation. The assessments include:

  • Consulting questions for key stakeholders
  • Tool-driven analysis, leveraging 4-10 tools
  • Recommendations by practice leaders and licensing experts
  • Workshop, by phone or in-person, to discuss all elements of your roadmap
  • Budgeting and project planning guidance to take action on the results

Optional chapters to include are:

  • PCs and SaaS services
  • Office 365 and Active Directory
  • Infrastructure – in the Cloud, on-premises, or hosted
  • Applications and databases
  • Which architecture to use to refactor apps- IaaS, containers, or serverless

These assessments can be delivered at a reduced cost for Microsoft Cloud Economics Partners or with a qualified Microsoft volume licensing plan.

After the assessment

You’ve got your roadmap…now what?

Pyramid will be waiting in the wings to help you implement your new action plan. Whether that’s to run a penetration test for a security project, automate quality control for a DevOps project or consolidate VMs and migrate for a move to the Cloud, we can deliver on all recommendations.

In addition to performing the work, Pyramid can also add value by training your personnel, sourcing the talent you need, or dedicating an entire team to your project. Our goal is to make the vision of the roadmap a reality, and we can get as involved as you want us to.

Partner with us.

We’re in this for the relationships that make for better business. Reach out to Rich Cannon, Senior Director of Partnerships & Alliances, to find out how we can work together to achieve more.

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