With the growing emphasis to minimize IT failures, offer error-free solutions and cut down the development and maintenance costs, there is a need of the hour is to rise above traditional testing practices and solutions to deliver innovative solutions. Moving beyond Quality Assurance, ‘Quality Engineering’ is the process by which software is tested, analyzed and improved throughout the application development life cycle.


quality engineering


Through Quality ‘Engineering’, Pyramid ensure that the overall approach to software/application development meets the defined quality and testing requirements. We always strive to rise beyond the traditional testing aspects and enhance the overall quality. We also aim to bring a new train of thought which helps organizations bar up their testing life cycle, improve test efficiency and testing speed of the whole development cycle while reducing costs.

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About Pyramid Solutions:

Pyramid Consulting Inc. is a global technology and process driven software solutions company offering customer-centric solutions. With knowledge and experience of the entire IT lifecycle, we help enterprises streamline core IT processes and augment their competitive advantage. Pyramids global delivery model harnesses productive tools, agile methodologies, iterative processes, and expert frameworks to provide innovative and costeffective solutions. Our domain and industry experts engineer robust technology solutions for clients in a wide range of industries including retail, logistics, healthcare, insurance, software development, financial services, media, publishing, and telecommunications.

By Raj Kasu March 14, 2019
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