Carl Johanson, QA Practice Director for Pyramid Solutions

Are you getting the most out of your QA testing? You might not be and don’t realize it, according to Pyramid’s QA Practice Director Carl Johanson.

QA is evolving to become more technical and more focused on using the right tools for the job at hand, which means that the required skills for QA testers are evolving, too. You’ll learn more about QA and its importance to development in our new video series, “Q&A with a QA Expert.”

Johanson is our resident QA expert, and he frequently consults with our clients to help overcome the QA bottlenecks they face. He notes that a well-defined and well-executed QA function can result in development projects that are:

High quality
Low risk
Higher in capacity
Lower in cost

You’ll also learn about the two essential building blocks for QA testing and how Agile development can help deliver a predictable amount of code at a predictable quality level.

Watch our latest video series, “Q&A with a QA Expert,” featuring Carl Johanson, to learn more.

Part 1

Part 2

By Randall McCroskey April 6, 2016
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