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We all appreciate the way technology has improved our lives, especially technology that helps us get rid of bottlenecks. But we sometimes forget the people behind those technological solutions. Computer software works best when created by people who are passionate about their work and happy in their jobs.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce the recent Pyramid Solutions recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Award. They are two business development folks who recently went above and beyond what was expected of them, finding creative ways to improve our business.

Pyramid’s Outstanding Achievement Awards are given out each quarter to people around the organization who exemplified the type of achievement and leadership we hope everyone strives for. Last quarter, TJ Hargen and Dean Priester, both directors of business development, were nominated for the award.

TJ, who is based in Atlanta and covers the Southeast region, has been with our company for a year and a half. Last quarter, his hard work, the work of his team, and perhaps a little star aligning, came together to result in three new customer contracts. That meant TJ exceeded his sales goal by 100%.

Dean was hired three months ago to cover the Midwest region from his base in Dallas. Although Pyramid has customers in Dean’s region, this is the first time we have made a concentrated effort to expand into that area. Dean greatly exceeded our expectations during his orientation period, bringing in a major retailer as a customer. Talk about a great start!

Pyramid’s overall strategy is based on drawing on the talents and insights of people around the world, and recognizing outstanding work from folks like Dean and TJ dovetails beautifully with that idea.


By Randall McCroskey September 18, 2015
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