Today, we’re kicking off a new blog series that allows our customers to tell you just how much they (Heart) us. We hope you enjoy this new series as we feature guest posts by our customers who are leveraging Pyramid Solutions’ expertise to break bottlenecks in their companies.

In our first blog series, we hear from Atlantic American, the parent company of three subsidiaries in well-defined specialty markets of the life, health, property and casualty insurance industries.

1. How long have you been working with Pyramid Solutions?

We have been working with Pyramid for over five years.

2. Before working with Pyramid, what were the biggest bottlenecks you faced?

One of the biggest bottlenecks we faced before working with Pyramid was having the resources and expertise to fulfill our app development needs. Our business needs have changed a lot over the last few years because of our growth and we needed more externally facing systems that our partners, clients and agents could use outside of our four walls.

3. How has Pyramid Solutions helped you break these bottlenecks?

Pyramid has provided us with the resources and expertise that we didn’t have internally to fulfill these newly developed business needs. Once we realized we didn’t have the capabilities to begin doing this ourselves, we had to turn to a great partner like Pyramid.

4. What makes Pyramid Solutions different from the competition in your eyes?

What attracted us at the beginning was their delivery model. They provide an onsite resource that manages the offshore team, which allows for minimal turnover. The consistency of the offshore team has been crucial to our success, and we recognize that this doesn’t tend to be the norm.

5. What tangible items did Pyramid Solutions provide your company?

The most obvious and immediate ROI we saw from working with Pyramid was the increased productivity of our field agents and internal staff. Now that we can provide our employees with tools that allow them to do their job better, more can be accomplished in a day’s work.

6. Is there any other quote or item that you would like to highlight regarding Pyramid Solutions?

Pyramid has a dedicated team that wants us to be a better company. They take the time to understand our business and its needs in order to help us grow. We have them to thank for our app development success.

By Randall McCroskey May 18, 2015
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