Everyone likes a well-told story. Maybe you want to hear an apocalyptic tale at Halloween or a story about enduring love for Valentine’s Day. You can watch millions of people share their stories of triumph (or stupidity) on YouTube or read about it in your daily Reddit feed.

So what stories do each one of us tell every day? We surely tell stories about our family and our friends. And nearly all of us share stories about our work – the projects we’re working on, anecdotes about the team members and news about successful and unsuccessful aspects of the project.

At Pyramid Solutions, the stories we like best end happily for our clients. Maybe that sounds hokey, but it’s true. That’s what getting past the bottlenecks is all about, helping clients successfully navigate their projects to completion. The client’s happy. We’re happy. It’s the classic win-win.

You’ve probably noticed the infographic that accompanies the blog. It tells the story about a few of the ways we help companies focus on their core competencies by relieving internal pressures that were preventing success.

Did you hear the story about the IT department swamped with requests for new products and significant changes to existing products? Of course, each one was mission-critical, according to the person who made the request. There are only so many warm bodies on staff and only 24 hours in the day, so something’s had to give. What would you do?

For this particular client, the story ended happily when the company started working with us. By concentrating on the low-hanging fruit, we were able to score a few easy wins and take part of the load off an overworked IT department.

And then there’s the tale of the insurance company whose IT department hadn’t delivered a single project to the business in two years. One of our former clients had recently joined the company’s leadership team and reached out to us for help.

In this case, an onsite-offshore model was the solution to speed up the development process. We delivered an enterprise project within the first three months. The project was a huge success and helped the IT department regain its lost momentum. We are working on many additional enterprise and QA initiative…. The ending of those stories hasn’t been written yet.

Speaking of QA, we helped a global media company perform QA for seven simultaneous Agile development projects. That’s right, seven. Fortunately, the company realized it couldn’t handle volume like that on its own and brought Pyramid Solutions in on the front end.

Through high-quality regression testing and automation strategies, we were able to improve coverage, shorten test cycles, enhance overall quality and reduce defect remediation costs. By helping to keep the bottleneck from happening in the first place, we helped our client deliver successful projects with very few defects.

Finally, there’s the story of a major retailer’s shoe department with a great idea. We’ve all shopped for shoes and had to wait for a clerk to go to the back to find a particular pair. Have you ever walked off in the interim?

The retailer knew that sales increased if the sales associate never left. So the retailer wanted to create an app that keeps the sales associate in front of the customer. App development isn’t a core competency, so the retailer engaged us to develop a native iOS application that could search the store’s shoe database and then ping a picker to bring out specific shoes to show the customer. The app also serves as a mobile POS system, making the sales process even smoother. That’s a triple win: Happy shoe buyers, happy retailer and happy us.

What stories are being told in your IT department right now? How will they end? Will it be “Wizard of Oz “or just about any episode of “The Walking Dead”?

Breaking Bottlenecks Infographic Teaser

By Randall McCroskey February 24, 2015
Tags: EnterpriseIndependent Software VendorMobileQuality Assurance