Unless you take an enterprise approach to your new apps, mobile development can be a real bottleneck. You end up investing countless hours in developing the very same features for app after app. It’s incredibly costly and wasteful. What if you could build a library of reusable components instead? Here’s what it would mean….

Reusable components mean big benefits across the board.
Without reusable components, your time-to-market for mobile apps is up to 70% higher and costs 4x as much. And it’s not just about loss of productivity. Quality suffers when things that can and should be standardized are built from scratch every time. It’s like a fast-food chain creating a different kitchen for each franchise – and always designing it from scratch. Some things should only be designed once.

Here are some examples of common candidates for reuse.
Think about it. A lot of enterprise mobile apps use many of the same components. Here are some of the most common candidates for reuse:

  • Camera Capture
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Signature Capture
  • Device Information
  • Geolocation
  • Notification
  • InApp Browser
  • Compass
  • Connections
  • Contacts

Imagine how much time is wasted rebuilding each of these components for each new app.

A reusable component architecture has something for everyone.

  • For business stakeholders – it means greater efficiency, cost savings, and speed-to-market. It also creates additional competitive advantage for the business (since very few organizations are currently taking this approach to development).
  • For the CIO/CTO – it means greater control and consistency (versus everyone doing their own thing). It also provides increased ability to scale across the enterprise and accelerate growth.
  • For developers – it means more capacity to build great mobile applications with less time wasted reinventing the wheel for each new app.
  • For your users – it means a more consistent user experience, more up-to-date apps, and more productivity (which is what enterprise mobile apps are all about, right?).

But how do you build reusable components?
You can’t just change the code on an existing component. We’ll explain the best approach in our next post on, How to build mobile apps with reusable components.

Learn more best practices for building a reusable component architecture.

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By Randall McCroskey September 17, 2014
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