SOA Web Services Testing


Service Oriented Architecture provides the benefit of distributed functionality without costly redundancy. Individual services can be upgraded and tested without complex and time-consuming regression testing. But traditional, siloed testing strategies are inefficient and ill-suited to testing SOA-based systems, resulting in costly QA bottlenecks when inexperienced service providers apply the wrong tools and protocols to the specialized requirements of SOA testing. Pyramid offers solutions that provide consistent, repeatable testing and reusable frameworks that integrate cleanly with your existing QA infrastructure.


Web services have become increasingly popular and a larger number of companies have moved to solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services. Due to the extensive structure and architecture of SOA, testing brings multiple challenges.

Pyramid Service Testing Solutions

Pyramid offers a systematic approach and deep API testing skills. Our expertise in the latest web services technologies and tools enables our clients to overcome challenges associated with web service testing. We offer a variety of testing services for functionality, performance, security, and interoperability, assuring scalable, robust, compatible, integrated, and protected SOA functionality.

Functionality Testing

Functional and regression testing is the primary step in testing SOAs. Simple test case management and setup is key to lowering the time required for setting up and maintaining functional and regression tests.

Performance Testing

Performance testing plays a crucial role in service testing. Testers determine response times, latency, and throughput profiles for target Web services. We validate service level agreement rates and identify bottlenecks and possible architectural weaknesses and performance dependencies.

Security Testing

Pyramid’s team assesses the risk posture and robustness of a service with regard to weakness, data-leakage, data privacy, and data integrity.

Interoperability Testing

While loading a Web service WSDL, consumer applications need to determine both design-time and run-time interoperability characteristics of target Web services. Adhering to WSI profiles ensures that SOA assets are interoperable and that WSDL can work within heterogeneous .NET and Java environments. Testing the interoperability of Web services requires creating specialized test suites for a WSDL.

Test Tools

Test tools are critical to enabling comprehensive testing of Web services. At Pyramid our experienced team applies various licensed and open source tools to evaluate and explore your unique requirements and advise the best long term test tool strategy for the organization.