QA Center of Excellence


A center of excellence (CoE) is where experience, leadership, best practices, research, and support come together. Pyramid’s CoEs bring the accumulated knowledge, expertise, and passion of our many dedicated professionals into organized groups with one goal: to bring the highest possible level of service and quality in the industry to key areas of practice. Our QA CoE does the same within customer organizations. We work internally to establish goals, find the best and brightest, create core teams, promote the CoE to cement support and buy-in, and create KPIs and governance to ensure ongoing success and growth.


A QA CoE helps companies optimize application quality and improve business and IT alignment. At Pyramid, we deliver end-to-end verification and validation services using best-in-class frameworks, methodologies, and tools coupled with our in-depth testing and domain experience. Our offshore testing center is equipped with the infrastructure and capabilities to remotely execute Performance, Security, Usability, SOA, and Mobile testing projects at significant cost benefits.

Pyramid QA CoE Implementation Process

Implementing a successful QA CoE requires thoughtful steps, which include assessment, planning, impact analysis, objective setting, tool selection, and organizational adjustments.

Quality assurance is defined as the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production. But QA is a process too, and a complex one that demands ongoing vetting and development. So how do you QA your QA? Can you meet the demand for expertise and resources to rigorously and objectively assess your internal QA processes? Pyramid brings unmatched expertise to QA consulting, with a detailed analysis and mapping protocol that drives a comprehensive set of services designed to avoid common inefficiencies in the QA process.


Quality is the result of strategic and intensive effort, deep knowledge, optimized workflows, proven processes, best practices, and collaboration. Implementing a comprehensive quality organization requires in-depth processes, best practices, extensive knowledge, optimized workflows, collaborative techniques, a well-trained test team, scalable test structure and tools, objective metrics to measure quality, and an overarching test strategy. Pyramid’s Software Quality Assurance and Testing Consulting Services can help businesses evolve their QA and testing processes with test strategies tailored to fit unique development processes.


Pyramid’s QA Assessment puts your team on the path to creating a sustainable quality method for continuous improvement. We start by evaluating risk, processes, tools, practices, and teams. The outcome will help to improve product quality and maximize your ROI.


Our scorecard detects vulnerabilities in your QA process, then analytics help to determine the impact of any weaknesses on the quality of your software. Pyramid’s qualified advisors can then recommend the best tools, resources, test processes, and other steps required to eliminate vulnerabilities.


To structure the many activities that will be carried out during testing, we will create a master test plan, a test environment plan, an automation test strategy, and a plan for the allocation of tools and resources.


The key to successful implementation is to rigorously follow best practices while applying appropriate tools, frameworks, and processes. Pyramid’s extensive experience implementing customized QA solutions is your assurance of success.

Pyramid’s QA Tools Solution targets one thing: the right tool for the job. It’s as simple as that. Our extensive exposure to myriad testing tools, both commercial and open source, combined with deep QA testing expertise, results in a unique ability to qualify and recommend the optimal test tool for your QA environment.

Don’t use a wrench to drive a nail! We can help you select the right hammer (and maybe a better nail) to build the best QA testing result for your business.


Pyramid understands that every business has unique requirements and we work with our clients to optimize QA tools to their environment. With deep experience testing both commercial and open source tools, our QA designers develop extensive criteria for comparing QA test tools, then evaluate the leading tools in the client’s environment, resulting in a Test Tool Assessment that details findings and recommendations. Pyramid will ensure that the candidate test tool is compatible with the testing environment before recommending investment.

Pyramid QA Tool Solution

We offer a systematic approach for deriving easily verifiable evaluation criteria for test tools. The criteria are designed to be evaluated by simple yes or no responses to enable efficient processing of a variety of tools. For more fine-grained classification, a scaled rating/ranking is available.

Pyramid Advantages

  • Our evaluation reduces the need for extensive laboratory testing.
  • We provide a list of most relevant criteria allowing effective classification and pre-selection of test tools.
  • We give advice on tools that can improve testing efficiencies.
  • We are “tool agnostic,” allowing us to provide clients with market-leading rates for software licenses and implementation through our partnerships with tool providers.
  • We can detect the exact requirements for a testing tool within the client’s organization.
  • Pyramid’s comparison sheets contrast available licensed and open source tools, based on our R&D and project experience.
  • Our business case costs and financial return on investment (ROI) reports assist in planning and strategy.
  • We offer advice on successful tool selection criteria and proper tool implementation.
  • We provide an assessment of the organization’s maturity (e.g. readiness for change).

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. So goes the proverb, and the same—or something close to it—is true in business: Run a program for a company and they’ll benefit while you’re there. Help a customer to run their own programs and they’ll benefit forever. At Pyramid, we’ve got the fish and the poles, and we’re happy to do it either way, but we’re at our best helping customers set up and execute (or refine) internal QA programs that are optimized to the business strategy, company resources, and evolving technology trends. That way our customers can catch the highest quality fish and throw the minnows back!


Structured QA Program Management is vital to the execution of successful projects. In the increasingly common context of agile, diversified teams, blended technologies, and aggressive deliverables, a dynamic and flexible approach to project management is imperative. All too often, projects are undermined at the implementation stage because project content, delivery dates, and budgets are not well articulated and understood. Pyramid’s QA Program Management ensures that the quality standards of the organization are achieved or exceeded.


Organizations face significant challenges managing QA programs:

  • Growing complexity of IT programs and short turnaround time demanded by clients.
  • High stress environments and managing multi-vendor diversified QA.
  • QA organizations that spend too much time in management.

Pyramid QA Program Management Solution

Using the following roadmap, Pyramid’s QA Program Management Solution helps organizations build collaborative QA platforms optimized to their business goals and resources:

  • Understand the client’s requirements and gain knowledge of their existing processes, practices and tools.
  • Set up a structure and process for the QA team.
  • Create a Program Test Plan with defined objectives for QA team.
  • Ensure program objective are the primary goal for the QA team.
  • Identify and evaluate human resources available for the project.
  • Monitor scope, resources, time-to-market, and budget.
  • Identify deliverables and define a review process.
  • Assess and manage risks and build an effective team.
  • Define a communication plan and SLAs.
  • Define custom reporting structures both for teams and management.
  • Providing technical expertise in testing and test automation.

Pyramid QA Program Management Solution Advantages

Using the following roadmap, Pyramid’s QA Program Management Solution helps organizations build collaborative QA platforms optimized to their business goals and resources:

  • Our QA designers are expert at managing testing efforts. Through our well-defined onsite-offshore delivery model we can efficiently manage customer expectations as well as day-to-day implementation of our testing efforts.
  • We deliver success through software quality know-how, controlled implementation, and effective management of budgetary resources.
  • Our QA Program Management Solution Project Sizing and Cost Estimation service quickly analyzes projects and provides a report detailing the business case, technical architecture, tasks, timelines, and resources.
  • We provide highly skilled QA designers who are expert in manual testing as well as automation of function and performance testing of the product.
  • Our QA Designers are skilled managers of all project environments, including Agile, V-Model, and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Experienced in industry best practices, our QA designers implement test frameworks that are structured, efficient, and relevant.
  • Pyramid’s QA engagement managers are fully accredited with leading international qualifications, including: ISTQB, QAMP, and CAT.
  • Our experts assist you at all stages of the testing process, from unit tests to system, integration, end-to-end, non-functional tests, and user acceptance testing.
  • We provide real-time dashboards and activity reports for quick summary and actions.

The formula for creating a successful quality assurance lab goes something like this: QA = Real World. Simply put, the closer a QA environment is to a production environment, the more effective it is likely to be. But since the real world is a pretty big place, the key is to create a virtual world that accurately simulates production demands, then ensure that the lab keeps pace with evolving platforms, protocols, and processes.

Pyramid brings deep experience crafting and managing configurable, flexible test environments for customers who want to benefit from the cost advantages of state-of-the-art QA. Our goal is to help our partners maintain and operate QA systems with as-needed tactical support through virtualized services.


When setting up a test lab it is important to test application compatibility across various platforms and browsers in physical and virtual environments. A carefully built and methodically managed environment for QA and high-level testing can contribute considerably to the efficiency and success of testing efforts. Pyramid helps companies plan, organize, and manage QA labs in physical workspaces, dedicated virtual environments, or in dedicated test labs in the cloud.

QA Lab Challenges

Successful test environment management is no easy task. The growing complexity of IT systems, diversified teams, and their practices places increasing demands on software quality and test environments. Software applications often fail because of deficient test environments, poor organization, or lack of planning. Unclear requirements in terms of test environment management and configuration, combined with failure to adhere to processes during the test phase, cause a large number of avoidable errors.

Pyramid Test Lab Setup and Management Solutions

Pyramid consultants help set up test environments throughout the testing stages and provide processes that enable organizations to maintain and operate them.

Pyramid Advantages


  • We accelerate and simplify the process of creating diverse and complex test environments.
  • By virtualizing servers and services, we can also provide test environments automatically.
  • Reduce costs while gaining faster, more flexible access to the exact behavior that the team needs to test against.
  • We provision test environments with all necessary permutations of dependent application behaviors, then start testing immediately.
  • Pyramid’s Test lab Setup and Management Solutions provides numerous features that enable testers to manage their test environments efficiently and effectively.