Pyramid Performance Testing Solution


Shop online. Add product to cart. Enter account information. Shipping info. Review. Approve and… freeze. We’ve all been there. Did the order go through? If I do it again will I duplicate the order? Nothing is more frustrating than a software performance fail, and the bottom line is your bottom line if a frustrated customer jumps to a competitor with a seamless user experience. Performance testing by Pyramid ensures that your IT infrastructure is designed to handle peak bottlenecks and network anomalies when your customers need you most.


Performance testing is a critical part of application testing as it affects business revenue, credibility of the organization, and customer satisfaction.

Pyramid Performance Testing Solutions

Pyramid’s centralized performance testing center of excellence integrates web, mobile, cloud, and legacy application testing. Our QA and performance test designers, skilled in both open source and licensed performance testing tools, apply the appropriate type of test to reduce risk, minimize cost, and maximize ROI.

Pyramid Performance Testing Solution Advantages

In addition to coordinating with your schedule for testing and analysis, the advantages of our Performance QA Designers approach include:

  • Centralized performance testing into a single function.
  • Increased productivity and decreased costs.
  • Increased quality and reduction or elimination of performance bottlenecks prior to production.
  • Assistance in estimating hardware configuration requirements in production.
  • Knowledge of both licensed and open source tools.
  • Proven testing methodology that saves money and shortens time to market.
  • Clear and detailed reports both at executive and project team levels.

Pyramid Performance Testing Methodology

Pyramid ensures accurate results by following our proven Performance Testing Methodology.