Pyramid Automation Testing Solution


Testing—the “necessary evil” of application development—has an unfair reputation. After all, isn’t it outdated protocols and limited resources combined with intense intervention and limited (or nonexistent) repeatability that are really to blame? Problem is, the pace of growth and change in the “appdev” world keep leading-edge solutions out of reach, as businesses focus talent on development, short-changing the resources needed to build robust, modular testing solutions in a cohesive framework.

Pyramid can help. Our Automation Testing Solutions drive higher productivity and greater predictability through tailored automation strategies that address businesses’ unique testing challenges: time-to-market pressures, complex applications, short cycle times, resource drain—all of the above. The outcome is better-tested solutions that create real competitive advantage. Let our QA designers work with you to build a testing solution that is optimized to your strategy and budget.

Pyramid offers robust, comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to strategically and economically address the challenges of test automation.

Pyramid Automation Implementation Methodology

AIM Solutions are consistent, change-adaptive, and tester friendly, enabling frequent application releases by reducing maintenance effort without compromising testing quality. Pyramid’s QA designers work with customers to select the right automation tools, testing process, practices, and teams—all critical to ensuring successful automation.

Pyramid Automation Testing Key Features

  • Our flexible framework facilitates scalability (e.g., easy addition of test scripts)
  • Low-maintenance scripts are easy to maintain and require less intervention
  • Fine-grained test execution control
  • Highly modularized libraries reduce redundancy and save time
  • On confirmation of test requirements, test automation can be conducted early, concurrently with preparation of manual test cases
  • Our techniques ensure faster time to market and increased ROI, bringing competitive advantage and enabling cost savings

Selenium is a free car… with some assembly required. You’re not a mechanic, so do you go it alone and save all the money, or hire someone who can get you behind the wheel in half the time? Basically, what’s your time worth (and are you feeling lucky)? Pyramid recognizes the value Selenium brings as an open source testing framework, and we are ready with a torque wrench and deep experience to shorten your time to productivity with this powerful tool. Pyramid’s Automation Selenium Solution is your PASS to open source freedom, with a little expert help.

Selenium Overview

Interest in test automation utilizing the Selenium tool suite has grown substantially over the past several years for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Zero license cost: Selenium is an open source solution
  • High degree of flexibility
  • More developer friendly (C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby)
  • Handles multiple browsers more easily
  • Cross-platform support
  • AJAX component support
  • Many more

Challenges and Limitations Using Out-of-the-Box Selenium

Open source solutions require significant investment for effective deployment. In addition to its many advantages, Selenium also brings significant shortcomings that must be addressed to make it an efficient enterprise solution. Pyramid has created a number of solutions to address specific Selenium shortfalls, some of which are illustrated in the table below.

Pyramid’s Automation Selenium Solution (PASS)

Pyramid’s Automation Selenium Solution (PASS) addresses Selenium’s shortcomings with a unique automation framework that enables an organization to take advantage of the cost savings of this open source tool while providing the experience of working with a licensed tool. PASS fills Selenium’s out-of-the-box gaps as outlined below.

PASS Features

  • Easy scripting (similar to QTP and other licensed web testing tools)
  • Reduced complexity enables increased productivity
  • Test suite execution functions allow for concurrent multiple tests
  • Component-based architecture reduces maintenance costs
  • Customized exception handling
  • Code DOM capability
  • Support for Windows APIs and Controls

PASS Components

  • Pyramid Data Accelerator creates a mechanism for managing test data
  • Pyramid Object Manager creates/manages objects using a simple GUI
  • Pyramid Report Accelerator provides standard reports in HTML/Excel format
  • Pyramid Scripting Framework can be implemented with a keyword or functional decomposition–style scripting solution

PASS Integrations

  • Integrations with several open source and licensed ALM tools
  • Build/Deployment/Continuous integration tools
  • Open source code management and version control tools