Mobile Testing Solutions


Mobile testing is tricky math. Take the major platforms—iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows—multiply by tiered releases, form factors, and device models. Wait a day, now do it again because yesterday’s number is too low. Even more than web application testing, mobile testing requires deep expertise and up-to-the-minute protocols to ensure your applications work on an every-growing constellation of configurations and products. To get our partners past the mobile testing bottleneck, Pyramid has built a state-of-the-art Mobile Application Testing Lab where we apply full lifecycle testing services to ensure your mobile applications work seamlessly on every device they were designed for.


With so many mobile applications in today’s competitive marketplace, application quality can make or break a product or business. Pyramid’s Mobile Testing Solutions (MTS) streamline testing, save time and money, and ensure optimal user experiences through customers’ mobile channels.

Challenges to Mobile Testing

Companies involved with mobile testing must deal with a number of difficult challenges, including the wide variety and fast evolution of devices, device components, OS updates and optimizations, telecom protocols, and more. Challenges include:

  • Diverse platforms and devices
  • Limitations in processing speeds and memory capacities of mobile devices
  • Network connectivity, which determines data download times and streaming media quality
  • User friendliness, self-explanatory features, browser compatibility, help, etc.

Pyramid Mobile Testing Solutions

Pyramid’s Mobile Testing Solutions effectively address the challenges of mobile application testing. We offer a full suite of tactical and strategic mobile application testing solutions.

Pyramid Mobile Testing

Why Pyramid?

Pyramid QA Designers bring both skill and business knowledge to mobile testing, with extensive experience testing diverse devices, internal hardware, operating systems, and carriers.

  • Multiple device testing to ensure app compatibility
  • State-of-the-art mobile app testing lab
  • Mobile app testing consultation
  • Expertise in every stage of the development process
  • App Store Certification assistance