Product Solutions

Pyramid’s ISV solutions consist of analysis, architecture design, software and app development, integration, and testing the software to establish its alignment with the specified requirements. We focus on transforming an idea or concept into a product with features and capabilities to support the clients’ business needs in a cost-effective manner.

For ISVs, the rigors of competition are matched only by the expanding complexities and proliferation of development platforms. The one-two punch of web and mobile have forever changed the landscape of software development so that outsourcing is no longer a “when,” but rather “how,” “where,” and “how much.” Pyramid brings a rich solution ecosystem that enables you to execute on a flexible, product-focused business strategy built around your core competencies. Wherever demand creates a bottleneck, one or more of our Product Lifecycle Solutions can be deployed to ensure you stay on schedule and meet demand.

Pyramid’s Software Development Services include:

New Product Strategy

Innovate and conceptualize new product ideas, create prototypes, and validate the product from the end user’s perspective.

Product Design and Software Development

Combine your concepts with Pyramid’s delivery processes and capabilities to ensure time-to-market goals are met.

Release Engineering

Deploy a dual-shore release management team to fully automate your product, build process, efficiently manage architecture and build line, and continuously handle daily and weekly builds.

Product Maintenance and Customer Support

Provide continuous support and maintenance for new and expanding product lines.

Product Enhancements

Advise new or improved features and functions to keep product fresh, relevant, and marketable.

Pyramid brings unmatched expertise to product development services that can get you past critical demand bottlenecks, whether temporary or long-term. Call us today to discuss our strategic solutions.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with inspiring visions of how you’re going to maintain, support, and revise your software products? Probably not. Your dream is to innovate and create new solutions. But sustaining the products that feed your bottom line is a critical task that should be resourced as thoughtfully as the front-line designers, architects, and engineers. If you’d rather keep your teams focused on the front end of the lifecycle and avoid the bottlenecks caused by putting creative talent on maintenance and bug fix tasks, Pyramid’s sustenance engineering is the solution. Our product sustenance teams become your product experts, then build and execute on sustenance plans that focus on managing change, migration, and maintenance protocols.

Our sustenance engineering services include:

Usability Engineering

Create and ensure high level of security and efficiency for software products.

Release Management

Deploy a dual-shore release management team to fully automate your produce build process, efficiently manage architecture and build line, and continuously handle daily and weekly builds.

Product Re-Engineering

Learn the market dynamics of the product to assist the engineering team incorporate new feature upgrades.

Patch Engineering

Create, test, and install units of code changes, then test systems after patch installation and document all associated procedures.

Service Packs

Compile service packs and provide details on product updates and impact on security, program compatibility, and reliability.

Avoid the bottleneck of misallocated (and unhappy) creative resources. Call Pyramid today to discuss sustenance engineering solutions that can keep your designers and engineers focused on your next killer app.

Software testing and validation is a critical path best practice that can make or break your competitive advantage. But all the buzz words on the bingo board don’t seem to change the short shrift this critical process receives in most development environments. Let’s face it, software testing and validation is an area of expertise that should not be left to software designers, coders, or an in-house SWAT team — hard working people who simply can’t bring the time and rigor required to do the job right and get past the many testing bottlenecks that are built into the spec. Pyramid brings the tools, processes, and expertise to ensure that your software meets all functional requirements and user demands so that you can focus on developing great software.

Pyramid offers these software testing and validation services:

Functional Testing

Ensure the extent to which the software meets specific functional requirements.

Performance Testing

Speed-testing and benchmarking software against competitive offerings.

Regression Testing

Test changes to programs to ensure that legacy code works with the new changes.

Migration Testing

Combining automated and manual methodologies to ensure successful data migration.

User Acceptance Testing

Test user acceptance of functionality, processes and new or updated UI.

Pyramid brings deep resources and expertise to get you past the testing and validation bottleneck. Call us today to discuss the services that make the most sense for you.

The wise man who said “the best software is the software that you know” spoke a truth that is fundamental to software strategy. Legacy apps are familiar and they produce results at the hands of experienced users, so they don’t tend to get replaced. But driven by cloud and mobile realities, ISVs face increasing pressure to modernize applications and break the bottleneck of “if it ain’t broke, just patch it.” The solution is to ensure that what works on legacy platforms works the same or better on newer, more nimble architectures. Pyramid’s migration and porting services target this challenge with specific solutions designed to seamlessly update your software with minimal risk and downtime.

Our migration and porting services include:

  • ASP to .NET
  • VB to VB .NET
  • .NET 1.0/1.1 to .NET 4.0
  • Legacy Migration / Web enablement
  • J2EE to .NET
  • CICS Microfocus to .NET
  • Coldfusion to .NET
  • SQL upgrade 2008–2012

Let Pyramid bring migration and porting expertise to your modernization strategy and break the legacy bottleneck.

Question: The same decision dynamics apply in software value engineering where ISVs must make strategically relevant decisions about how to “chunk” (pun intended) software in ways that create efficiencies and value for the company while being perceived as neutral or even positive in the eyes of buyers and users. Value engineering is a complex dynamic involving equal parts expertise in engineering, marketing, and consumer psychology.

Pyramid understands this space and offers targeted services to help you maximize product value by enhancing functionality, capabilities, and quality while optimizing cost.

Our services include:

Product Localization

Ensure UI, functional components, help systems, and other support materials are localized to specific markets.

SaaS Enablement

Reduce delivery costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enable seamless upgrading while ensuring licensing and security issues are updated to the SaaS model.

SOA Enablement

Build a product that is adaptable and scalable to changing business and technology trends.

Call Pyramid today to learn more about how value engineering can add significant power to your long-term strategy.