Mobile Solutions

With mobile, most companies don’t have the resources to keep up with the demand for enterprise application software. To get you past the bottlenecks, we bring experienced teams, with an extensive library of reusable components that reduce time and risk in the development cycle.

Building a mobile strategy? Have you considered the expanding constellation of platforms, brands, and devices — a target that is moving in all directions all the time? Do you know how you will prioritize your investments? What’s your security strategy, partner strategy, delivery architecture, back office integration plan, device selection? The list goes on, and the mobile ecosystem grows more complex each day. Tactical initiatives may yield temporary advantages, but unless they are tied to a cohesive mobile strategy they will ultimately bottleneck from sheer volume, redundancy, and resource drag. Doesn’t it make sense to engage a partner who can bring domain expertise developed over years developing mobile solutions for enterprises like yours?

Pyramid can help you build a tightly crafted mobile strategy through:

Domain Expertise

Our Mobile Practice team brings deep expertise in retail, field force automation, transportation and logistics, financial services, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Technical Expertise

The experts on our Mobile Solutions teams include architects, designers, developers, and QA engineers, with experience across all relevant platforms and a deep portfolio of custom solutions.

Accelerated Development with Reference Architecture

Build your strategy with the benefit of our proven reference architecture, allowing project teams to focus on business functionality rather than underlying architecture.

Today, being mobile means being relevant. Bottlenecks between mobile users and your core enterprise applications and data are also revenue bottlenecks. But even the best staffed enterprise businesses struggle to keep up with light-speed evolution in mobile applications, operating systems, and physical platforms, not to mention the shifting sands of security, user trends, and telecom protocols. Pyramid specializes in solutions that get you past the mobile bottleneck with enterprise platform strategies that seamlessly integrate “data in motion.”

Pyramid Enterprise Mobility solutions include:

Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Work with our business domain experts, mobile product specialists and mobile technology architects to build an effective strategy and mobile blueprint.

Mobile Application Development

Build and quickly deploy best-in-class applications for all current platforms.

Maintenance and Support via Mobile Center of Excellence

Our support team is available around the clock to handle all application and support needs.

Let Pyramid get you past the mobile bottleneck with world-class solutions and support.

Our experts will be happy to discuss your enterprise mobility questions.

The best mobile applications are more than just diminutive first cousins to desktop or even web apps. The ideal mobile user experience is touch-centered, smartly chunked, colorful, succinct, and consistent across devices and platforms. Oh, and it’s designed for a user profile that didn’t exist ten years ago. No surprise, then, that best-of-breed mobile applications require an entirely new strategy and design approach to avoid the bottleneck of re-engineering legacy solutions. Pyramid’s Mobile Solutions teams design and build for evolving user trends across numerous platforms and technologies, to ensure your mobile applications are relevant today…and tomorrow.

Pyramid can help in numerous ways:

Application Concepting

A two week engagement involving visual prototyping, functional definition, high-level architecting, and cost and timeline estimating.

Rapid Mobile Prototyping

Go from concept to prototype by defining clear objectives then designing and building a working, documented application.

Mobile Solution Development

Build world-class mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, consumer, and ruggedized devices.

Mobile Solution Assessment

Assess and analyze existing solutions, code quality, architecture, and user experience. You’ll receive a findings report and next step recommendations.

Bring a team on board that can help you quickly “mobilize” your strategic applications without the re-engineering bottlenecks.

Mobile testing is tricky math. Take the major platforms — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows — multiply by tiered releases, form factors, and device models. Wait a day, now do it again because yesterday’s number is too low. Even more than web application testing, mobile testing requires deep expertise and up-to-the-second protocols to ensure your applications work on an ever-growing constellation of configurations and products. To get you past the mobile testing bottleneck, Pyramid has built a state-of-the-art Mobile Application Testing Lab where we apply full lifecycle testing services to ensure your mobile applications work seamlessly on every device they were designed for.

Pyramid’s Mobile Testing Portfolio includes:

  • Creation, design, and development of test scripts, harnesses, strategies, cases, and automation frameworks
  • Test suites maintenance
  • Round-the-clock QA and technical support
  • Performance, stress capacity, and reliability testing
  • Interoperability and compatibility testing
  • Synchronization and data exchange testing
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Bug reports and recommendations
  • Carrier-based testing

Learn more about how our Mobile Application Testing Lab and full lifecycle testing can get you past the mobile testing bottleneck.