Today, companies face a host of challenges that are unique to their industry. They require targeted, tailored solutions to get past bottlenecks that arise from the pressures of competing in an increasingly connected world. Pyramid brings domain expertise to a range of industries, including retail & distribution, healthcare, insurance, and banking and finance.


Insurance companies today must adapt to an increasingly consumer-driven marketplace where seamless access, responsive platforms, and adaptive modularity are in critical demand. Pyramid helps these businesses grow existing market share and access new markets through innovative and personalized mobile solutions, flexible portals, and real-time intelligence.

Financial Services

Banking and finance companies, like so many industries grounded in deep tradition, must increasingly push flexible solutions to a consumer base that demands the benefits of personal access and control with none of the risk. We work with our customers to create innovative solutions for an increasingly mobile-driven marketplace while providing solutions for financial intelligence, transaction and management of financial data and operations.

Retail & Distribution

Retail and distribution businesses must adapt to the volatile world of online competition and mobile-empowered shoppers. Pyramid helps our retail customers build customer loyalty and create unique buying experiences through mobile-enabled personalized shopping, structured applications, and integrated BI and CRM.


Healthcare providers must grow by improving service quality and patient safety while keeping current with regulatory requirements, evolving technology, and competitive threats. We work directly with healthcare providers and healthcare ISVs to integrate clinical data, modernize legacy systems, build patient care portals, and provide a host of targeted solutions to help our clients thrive in this disruptive market.

Pyramid brings deep domain expertise to these and other industries that help create real—and lasting—competitive advantage.