Enterprise Solutions

Align technology with business strategy to create a lasting competitive advantage.

How do you execute a world-class enterprise strategy with an applications infrastructure that is equal parts legacy, upkeep, and light-speed innovation? Your maintenance budget alone makes the CFO cry, and development can’t meet the growing demands of your global business. Pyramid’s application outsourcing bypasses the bottleneck of enterprise applications inertia with targeted solutions that dynamically address the strategic choke points that are eroding your competitive advantage.


Innovate new, future-focused solutions with rapid, scalable application development based on a proven process: assess, define, prove, build, test, release.


Modernize and port mission critical applications to latest technology platforms.


Support application infrastructure through testing, analysis, monitoring, reporting, and maintenance.


Leverage installed infrastructure by optimizing application performance, eliminating process redundancies, and accelerating development cycles.

Bypass the outsourcing bottleneck with Pyramid’s dynamic, global team of dedicated experts!

You’ve grown quickly because that’s what successful businesses do. The real problem is your enterprise is built on a complex infrastructure of applications, operating systems, platforms, and point solutions – on both sides of the firewall – that don’t speak a common language. Every day brings a growing demand for integration and a bigger bottleneck of interoperability. Pyramid’s Enterprise Applications Integration services ensure continuous, secure, and productive communication among the services that make your business go.

Pyramid Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Web Services solutions include:

Enterprise Application Integration Assessment

Evaluate your current systems, requirements, specific challenges, and goals to design a tailored integration plan.

EAI Roadmap Definition

Design a detailed implementation roadmap that shows where you are now, where you are going, and how you will get there.

Solution Architecture Design

Create an architecture that is based on your unique mix of technologies that clearly illustrates Pyramid’s integration plan for your business.

SOA Adoption and Migration

Build a service-oriented architecture without changing your underlying code by leveraging and layering existing technology.

EAI Testing and Implementation

Install and configure the EAI solution and implement business process and data flow designs.

B2B Integration

Enable effective business-to-business information exchange using XML standardization and proven business integration platforms.

Don’t let the integration bottleneck choke your growth! Let Pyramid teach your systems the language of interoperability.

Our experts will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about EAI and web services.

One of the biggest bottlenecks in your enterprise business is how to make all that information in your existing system into actionable business intelligence. What good is all that data if you can’t leverage it to make informed strategic decisions about tomorrow? Pyramid offers a comprehensive suite of BI solutions for storing, mining, analyzing, and reporting data to give you world-class decision support when you need it… without the bottleneck.

Pyramid BI solutions include:


Business Requirements Definition and Information Gap Analysis | Business Model and Data Model Definition | Data Audit and Acquisition Strategy | Design of Data Warehouse / Data Mart Architecture | Warehouse and Metadata Management Strategy | Data Access


Warehouse Physical Schema Development | Developing/Implementing Extraction, Transformation and Loading Routines | Developing Custom OLAP Applications


Data Warehouse/Data Mart Rollouts | Data Upload, Validation and System Testing | Establish and Test Maintenance Procedures

Training and Documentation

Train administrators to maintain data warehouse infrastructure and users to access the warehouse. Provide system level and user level documentation to support the administrator and users.

If you have any question about BI and how you can get past the business intelligence bottleneck, call today. Pyramid experts will be happy to help.

The best way to not lose money is to not fail. Simple enough, but easy to forget when the pressure to deliver applications and services results in deployment without proper quality assurance and testing. Applications that look good on paper and test well with “white glove” handling can quickly break under the extreme pressure of everyday use. Pyramid understands the extraordinary challenges of bringing structured, rigorous QA planning and execution into environments squeezed by shorter and shorter time-to-market bottlenecks.

Pyramid offers deep expertise, best practices, and end-to-end development cycle discipline that can significantly reduce your risk.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on any issues related to QA & Testing.