About Us

We help IT organizations get past the bottlenecks in four key areas: Enterprise Solutions, Product Solutions, QA Solutions, and Mobile Solutions. Since everyone these days is working with limited resources, we’re doing some really interesting things to help clients get software out the door faster.

Today, growing companies face the challenge of complex IT ecosystems that demand more resources and specialized expertise every day. Meanwhile, users gain increasing power through mobile technologies, and the Cloud surrounds it all, making everyone wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Pyramid knows. We’ve been delivering IT solutions to growing businesses since 1996, so we know the fundamentals of science, process, and human behavior that evolve slowly, but take persistent dedication to master. But we also know—and play a role in—the light-speed growth of mobile technology that is bringing unprecedented access and control to individuals and driving extraordinary change in the marketplace.

From legacy systems to cutting edge mobile solutions, Pyramid helps companies like yours prepare for tomorrow while ensuring that the systems and processes that built your business are part of a current, compatible, and productive IT infrastructure.

Pyramid Solutions is a global company driven by people of talent and dedication, founded on service, excellence, and social responsibility.

Through alliances with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, and others, Pyramid delivers world-class solutions optimized to a range of industries, applications, and environments. Our alliances both strengthen the scope of our solutions and provide a global footprint for around-the-clock service and support.

Our alliances enable us to shorten time-to-market bottlenecks, broaden our solutions, and extend and enhance global support services — all in the name of helping our customers thrive in a globally competitive marketplace.

Pyramid’s commitment to social responsibility is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and the belief that we can be a catalyst for positive change. This belief is demonstrated by our employees’ participation in service projects around the world.

Throughout the year, Pyramid organizes countless opportunities for employees to give back. They are encouraged to donate their time and energy to a mission that matters to them: everything from on-site volunteer activities to matching personal contributions for disaster relief funds. Our employees walk, run, build houses, participate on boards and committees, and even play cricket for a cause.

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What turns experience into expertise? Passion, persistence, and a relentless focus on creating durable solutions, just to name a few. You cannot research your way to this kind of excellence; hands-on is the only way. Pyramid’s center of excellence consulting practice is built on exactly this level of passionate expertise. Our consultants are “bottleneck experts” – bringing the depth of experience and ingenuity that can save our clients time. That translates into bottom line revenue and competitive advantage.

Our centers of excellence include:


Transforming mobile technologies into solutions including CRM integration, real-time messaging, mobile Internet, geospatial applications, and consumer/e-commerce innovations.

QA and QA Solutions

Integrating tailored QA and QA Solutions with customer environments to reduce failures and improve quality and time-to-market.


Implementing enterprise solutions and support services for most Microsoft technologies, including the entire application development and management services.


Providing world-class IT solutions to product development and enterprise clients through adoption of Java/J2EE technology.

Open Source

Bringing the power, flexibility, and cost savings of open source technologies to businesses with our integrated Open Source Development and Build Platform that spans the entire software lifecycle.

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At Pyramid, we foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and social service. Our unique entrepreneurial environment encourages our people—our “partners in progress”—to nurture organizational development within the company while bringing fresh, creative solutions to our customers.

We provide every individual the opportunity for personal and professional development within our walls, including skills training and career development. This minimizes career “bottlenecks” that can force talented people to look elsewhere for advancing job opportunities. Our Rewards and Recognition Program highlights exceptional achievement while inspiring and motivating others to achieve. We encourage our people to work at different locations around the world and promote a culture of diversity that drives creativity, loyalty, and exceptional customer service.